are american shorthair cats expensive

Adoption or Buying: $500 – $1500

The price of an American Shorthair depends on multiple factors including breeder, bloodline, age, color, and markings of the cat. If you choose to purchase your American Shorthair from a breeder, you can expect the to pay between $500-$1500.

Medications and Vet Visits

  • $0–$100 per month

Veterinarians can identify concerning conditions before they worsen with the assistance of biannual appointments, and your American Shorthair’s health depends on it. If your pet is in good health, you won’t have to pay for the wet food every month. But you’ll need to treat fleas and ticks in advance, and if your cat has a minor ailment like allergies, you might need to fill a prescription.

  • $30–$50 per month

Pet insurance is not necessary, but getting a monthly policy is usually a good idea. You never know when your American Shorthair cat will fall ill or get hurt, and veterinary emergencies can be very costly to treat. For your cat, pet insurance should cost you between $30 and $50 a month.

are american shorthair cats expensive

  • $25 to $70 per month

There isn’t much you need to buy for your American Shorthair to keep up with the surroundings. You should only have to spend a maximum of $25 to $70 per month. Deodorizing spray, cardboard scratchers, litter, and litter box liners shouldn’t be pricey. Instead of the cardboard scratchers, you can purchase a cat tree, which will last much longer and save you money by not needing to buy them every month.

Litter box liners $5 to $20 a month
Deodorizing spray or granules $5 to $20 a month
Cardboard Scratcher $15 to $30 a month

Purchasing interactive games and toys for your American Shorthair cat should provide them with hours of entertainment. Naturally, playing with you is the cat’s favorite pastime. For your cat, there are also lots of subscription boxes available. In this manner, you won’t need to go to the store because toys and even treats will be delivered right to your door each month.

Total Monthly Cost of Owning an American Shorthair

  • $110 to $220 per month

Owning an American Shorthair cat typically costs between $110 and $220 per month. This varies depending on the food and toy brands you choose as well as whether or not you get pet insurance, which is something we strongly advise for your cat’s wellbeing.

Bringing Home a New American Shorthair: One-Time Costs

The average cost of an American Shorthair Kitten is between $500 and $800. But if you choose an American Shorthair with a champion bloodline, you can spend up to $3,000 on one of these gorgeous kittens.

The pedigree, reputation of the breeder, the kitten’s age, and its location will all affect how much the kitten costs. But your American Shorthair Cat’s expenses don’t end here. This cat also comes with additional one-time expenses, which we’ll go over in detail below.

are american shorthair cats expensive

It is ideal to receive a free American Shorthair cat, but before bringing one home, make sure it is healthy. It’s possible to locate a dependable friend or neighbor who has a healthy cat, but be wary of ads for free cats. Certain “free” cats might have medical issues that call for pricey veterinary care.

  • $70 to $150

Sometimes, a pet parent must surrender their American Shorthair. The cost of adopting one of these cats from a shelter is usually between $70 and $150, which is significantly less than buying one from a breeder. The cost will change based on the cat’s age, vaccination history, and even if it has been neutered or spayed. Adopting an American Shorthair from a nearby rescue shelter has the advantage that you can be certain the cat has received proper care, as the shelters make every effort to maintain the health and well-being of the animals under their care.

Before offering a cat for adoption, most shelters have it vaccinated, spayed or neutered, and examined by a veterinarian. Because of this, adoption costs can differ, much like those associated with breeders.

are american shorthair cats expensive

  • $500 to $3000

The real money is spent on buying your American Shorthair from a breeder. For this breed, the typical price range is $500 to $800. But if the kitten comes from a championship bloodline, it could cost $3,000.

The age of the kitten, the location and reputation of the breeder, and whether the kitten is accompanied by paperwork and a health guarantee from the breeder are all factors that influence the price of an American Shorthair kitten. When searching for a trustworthy breeder, make sure they let you visit the facilities and test their cats for inherited diseases. A great place to start is with breeders who have certifications from cat fancy organizations.


Are American Shorthairs high maintenance?

The American shorthair cat is easy to care for. They do require your time and attention, as they want to know that they’re loved and a part of the family, but when it comes to exercise and grooming requirements, the breed isn’t high-maintenance.

Are American Shorthairs rare?

No, American Shorthairs are not rare, but they are not very common either. They are the eighth most popular breed in the US, according to the CFA. They are often confused with other shorthaired cats, which are not the same breed.

What are the most expensive cat breeds?

The seven most expensive cat breeds in the world include the Ashera, Savannah, Khao Manee, Bengal, Scottish Fold, Siberian, and Egyptian Mau cat. These breeds are known for their unique characteristics and desirable traits, but they can also cost several thousand dollars.