are bengal cats easy to look after

Raising a Bengal cat has its challenges, but caring for your tiny leopard is not complicated once you get the hang of it. These kitties have a bad reputation regarding their temperament, but with proper care, training, and attention, they’ll be perfectly cuddly and well-behaved.

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Despite having a gorgeous wild appearance, Bengal cats typically weigh no more than a handsome house cat (about 12 pounds) and reach adulthood in about a year. This cat is as attractive on the inside as they are outside. The Bengal is a playful, loving breed that gets along with both people and other animals of all ages. This is an energetic cat and likes room to play.

Affection Level High
Friendliness Medium
Kid-Friendly High
Pet-Friendly High
Exercise Needs High
Playfulness High
Energy Level High
Intelligence High
Tendency to Vocalize Medium
Amount of Shedding Medium

are bengal cats easy to look after

Angela Kotsell / Getty s

are bengal cats easy to look after

are bengal cats easy to look after

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The Domestic Bengal Cat Is a Unique Breed

Are you considering getting a domestic Bengal cat as a pet? They are a stunning and unusual breed of house cat. Taking care of a Bengal cat differs from regular domestic shorthair cat care in a few ways.

We once owned a Bengal cat, but because of its untamed nature and our hectic schedules, the cat was bored and yearned to be outside. Romeo became more independent, and it became more difficult to persuade him to return to the house. Every few weeks, we would catch a glimpse of him wandering outdoors, but our pet simply wasn’t interested in becoming a lovable family member. This breed may be the ideal match for the correct family or owner.

  • First, they are quite smart and entertaining.
  • Secondly, they are exceptionally well-maintained and need little to no grooming.
  • Lastly, compared to other domestic breeds, their nature is actually more dog-like. Bengals enjoy playing fetch, taking baths, walking on a leash, and receiving training!

The beauty of the domestic Bengal cat is simply undeniable. To find out more about this breed and how to take care of it, continue reading.

Our Bengal cat, Romeo.

Make Sure You Get a Bengal Cat From a Reputable Breeder

Because Bengal cats are so distinctive in their appearance and behavior, you should make sure you purchase your Bengal from a reliable breeder.

Some Bengal kittens may be offered at a significantly lower cost if their coats do not meet show standards. You can still benefit from a Bengal’s personality even if you do not plan to show your cat, as long as the breeding stock is of excellent quality. The image on the right shows that our Romeos coat is not as opulent and exquisite as the one on top. Yet, his personality and health are exactly like those of a Bengal cat.

Make sure to do your homework in advance and only buy from reliable Bengal cat breeders. This person or organization can show ideal cattery conditions, will offer a written health guarantee, and ought to be a member of associations for professionals. If the breeder loves cats and wants to make sure the best kittens are available, you can usually tell by the state of the grounds and their demeanor.

Better yet, check to see if there are Bengal cat rescue organizations in the area. Volunteers are usually quite knowledgeable about the breed. Take added pleasure in knowing that you adopted a rescue cat.

Bengal kitten – about 8 weeks old


Are Bengal cats high maintenance?

Are Bengal cats high maintenance? Bengals can be considered high-maintenance pets because they need tons of mental stimulation and exercise. Ultimately, they’re very energetic, so pet parents must find a way to channel that energy so that it doesn’t become destructive.

What are the cons of Bengal cats?

Bengal Cats as Pets If you don’t, they may steal things, learn to open cupboard handles, scratch up furniture or destroy house plants just for some entertainment. This means they are usually better suited to young, energetic families. If you are after a snoozy lap cat, a Bengal is not for you!

Are Bengal cats good house pets?

Bengals make fabulous pets for experienced cat owners who love an active, curious and dog-like cat – and can keep them entertained with toys, games and plenty of environmental enrichment.

Are Bengals difficult cats?

Like many other cats, Bengals will resort to aggression when they feel angry, frustrated, or bored. They tend to be hyperactive from the moment they are born, so if you don’t enable your mini-leopard to burn their energy or give them enough attention, they can send a few challenges your way.