are bengal cats good for first time owners

Owning a Bengal cat can be challenging. They are not your regular domestic cats and certainly not the ones who can sit idly without doing anything. They are highly active and playful and love to mischief with their owners. Bengals are not cats for first-time pet owners.

Adopting Your First Bengal?

Adopting your first Bengal cat is a big decision. When adopters ask us, “What should we expect?” we typically respond, “How much time do you have?”

Let’s start with the basics. The Cat Fancier’s Association (CFA) and the International Cat Association (TICA) both recognize Bengals as domestic cats.

Bengal cats are descendants of the Asian Leopard Cat, which was first outcrossed with a domestic cat in 1963 by the legendary Godmother of the Bengal Breed Jean Mill.

Initially, the Bengal breed was created by taking an Asian Leopard Cat and crossing it with a Domestic cat. Today, this practice is no longer necessary, or desired. The Asian Leopard Cat should stay in his / her natural habitat. Today’s domestic Bengal cat comes only from breeding Bengals to other Bengals. For more about the history of the Bengal Breed visit TICA.

The Asian Leopard Cat is shy by nature. This is not a gregarious cat, but rather a more solitary, nervous cat. This is why early generation cats do not make great pets. When the Asian Leopard was bred with a domestic tomcat, the Bengal breed was born. Next the Egyptian Mau was brought in to be part of the breeding program. As decades went by, the domestic cat personality began to take over the more “wild” Asian Leopard cat personality. Today’s Bengals are completely domesticated, and make wonderful feline companions.

I’ve been researching whether a Bengal cat would be a good fit for me online and through watching YouTube videos, but there is so much conflicting information that it’s difficult to make a decision. A little about me: I work full-time (Mon-Fri 8-5), live alone, and have the ability to take lunch breaks at home. Despite my lifelong love of animals, I have never owned a cat before. I thought it would be simple to go from having dogs to having Bengals since I have raised both small and large dogs and I’ve read that they have “dog like” personalities. Bengals are good cats for first-time owners, according to the local breeder I spoke with, but Reddit makes me think differently. Seeking true advice. Thank you!.

Before You Bring Your New Cat Home

You can read the following articles to get ready to adopt your first Bengal cat:


What are the downsides of Bengal cats?

However, Bengals are highly energetic and intelligent. If you do not commit enough time to entertaining them and giving them attention, they can become destructive. They are not suitable for owners seeking a quiet lap cat.

Are Bengal cats difficult to keep?

Bengal cats have a lot of energy and need a lot of interaction, which can make them both a fun and challenging family pet.

Do Bengals make good indoor cats?

Are Bengal Cats Indoor Cats? Bengal cats are often kept indoors and can be easily trained to use a litter box. They like most other cat breeds will want keep these home space immaculately clean. Be aware though that if you have an unneutered male it will start spraying around the house to leave its scent.

What should I know before buying a Bengal cat?

Тhey make great pets, but you have to be prepared for their playful personality and incredible intelligence. Like their ancestors, Bengal cats are very active creatures. They are energetic and require entertainment. If these cats do not get the action they need, they may damage household items and furniture.