are bengal cats legal in illinois

Yes, Bengal cats are legal in Illinois. You can keep a Bengal cat as a pet in Illinois without a permit.

Why Are Bengal Cats Illegal in Some States?

Domestic cats and Asian Leopard Cats are bred to produce Bengal cats. The outcome is a magnificent large breed cat with a small leopard-like appearance. Many people think that bringing people in close proximity to wildlife in this way will heighten their awareness of the destruction of wildlife and inspire them to take action and cast their vote to protect the surrounding wildlands.

Furthermore, a lot of people dream of having a large cat (Tiger King, anyone?) Although it would be cruel to keep a real leopard indoors, a domestic cat that resembles one won’t experience the same negative health effects.

However, the waters are a lot murkier than that. Bengal cats’ unique spotted fur pattern can be traced back to their Asian Leopard Cat ancestry. Many Bengals have a living Asian Leopard Cat relative. Many people are concerned that when hybrid animals with wild blood are bred, the animals may become uncontrollable, destroy things, or harm people.

are bengal cats legal in illinois

Domestication is more than a short-term behavioral modification. The fact that stray kittens’ pedigree is replete with domestic cats who grew up in homes with people means that many of them are adopted and make wonderful house pets.

This alters their innate desire, but it also affects the lessons that their mother cats would have imparted to them during their formative years. Cats that are not afraid of humans will instill that fear in their young.

Around 7500 BCE, cats were first widely domesticated in Egypt, and the cats we know today are the result of over 9,000 years of domestication. These cats differ from feral cats in both their genetic makeup and behavior because they have been separated from their wild ancestry for thousands of generations.

Because Bengals are so closely related to their wild heritage, many people are anxious. Despite being regarded as domestic cats, these are large cats that make formidable opponents. That’s why they’re regulated as wild animals; they practically are.

What About Other States?

Not every state has laws that specifically address how Bengal cats should be cared for and maintained. Therefore, we are unable to include a law that is not made clear. When bringing your new cat into your home, make sure you are abiding by the local municipality’s laws.

Frequently Asked Questions About Bengal Cats

Bengal cats are an intriguing and divisive breed that frequently prompts many inquiries from both cat enthusiasts and the general public. Here are some answers to some of the most common queries regarding Bengal cats, including what the controversy is about, what is the problem with Bengal cats, and are they illegal in the UK.


What exotic pets are legal in Illinois?

According to the state, wild animals are undomesticated animals such as bears, big cats, wild dogs, and primates. You do not need a permit to own ferrets, some turtles and geckos, pigeons, emus, chinchillas, sugar gliders, American bison or llamas. To keep venomous snakes or Gila monsters, you need a permit.

What states can you own a Bengal tiger?

4 states have no laws on keeping dangerous wild animals: Alabama, Nevada, North Carolina, and Wisconsin. 6 states do not ban or regulate keeping big cats: Alabama, Nevada, North Carolina, Wisconsin, Delaware, and Oklahoma. 21 states ban all dangerous exotic pets, while the rest allow certain species or require permits.

Is it legal to own a serval cat in Illinois?

According to the Illinois Department of Natural Resources and the Illinois Department of Agriculture, possession of servals is not illegal in Illinois, but the sale of such cats is banned.

How many cats can you legally own in Illinois?

(A) It is unlawful to maintain or keep more than four adult dogs or cats, or any combination thereof, in or about any dwelling unit, whether indoors or outside.