are blue eyed cats rare

Because these colors are less common in cats, blue eyes are more rare than other feline eye colors, including yellow, gold, copper, green, and hazel. Most kittens are born with blue eyes. The eyes gradually change color as the kitten grows until they are their adult color.

2. A Significant Percentage of Cats With Blue Eyes Are Deaf

White cats with blue eyes run the risk of being deaf because of the genes that cause pigmentation loss. Approximately 22 per cent of white cats with eye colors other than blue are deaf. Up to 2040 percent of white cats with one blue eye eventually become deaf. Nonetheless, as many as 85% of white cats with two blue eyes are deaf. Sometimes, these cats are only deaf in one ear. When it comes to colored and pointed cats with one or two blue eyes, deafness is not a major concern.

The 3 Facts About Blue-Eyed Cats

If you love blue-eyed cats and hope to own one in the future, there are a few things you should be aware of.

What cat breeds have dark coats and blue eyes?

Regretfully, in the world of cats, blue eyes and solid black coats don’t usually go together. However, a few cats are fairly close to it. Their eyes are a stunning blue, and their faces are colored darker than their coats, which are either dark grey or brown. That’s a wonderful combination if you ask us.


Their light-blue eyes and the few dark spots on their coat combine to create a beautiful combination. Due to their lively and curious disposition, Balinese cats are not only lovely companions but also a pleasure to be around. Like Siamese cats, they can be very vocal!.


Tonkinese cats have a gorgeous dark mask that gradually fades into a lighter hue. But when you pair that with stunning light-blue eyes, you have a cat that is hard to look away from. Prepare yourself for lots of fun play sessions with your furry buddy because they are typically gregarious cats with lively personalities.

The Siamese breed’s smoky coat color contrasts beautifully with their deep blue eyes, despite their partial blackness. The end product is a gorgeous cat that exudes style and “wows” owners with their extraordinary loyalty and intelligence.

Though the Birman is not precisely a black cat with blue eyes, we believe that its coat has just enough darkness to draw attention to its light eyes and create the same stunning effect. If you’re looking for a cat companion that is easygoing, this breed might be something to think about.

That should cover all of your inquiries regarding blue-eyed black cats and other cats that nearly meet this uncommon beauty standard. Next, learn about the stunning white cat breeds, a family where blue eyes are far more prevalent.


Is blue eyes rare in cats?

They can stay that way, but more commonly, their eye color will start to change as they mature and the production of the pigment melanin occurs. Adult cats with blue eyes aren’t widespread. When it does occur, it is a result of their genetics, which often means the cat is a pointed breed.

What are the rarest cat eye Colours?

Rarer among cat eye colors is orange or amber cat eyes. The British Shorthair (pictured above) is known for their orange lamp-like gaze, while the Turkish Van is known for a softer amber hue.

Do cats with blue eyes have vision problems?

A: Blue-eyed, white cats are not more prone to blindness – either hereditary or acquired – than other cats.

What is the price of blue eye cat?

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