are coffee grounds bad for cats

Coffee Pods, Beans and Grounds

Coffee beans, grounds and brewed coffee contain caffeine, a very dangerous and toxic chemical to cats and dogs. Ingestion can be life threatening. According to the Pet Poison Helpline, a moderate amount of coffee can easily cause death in small dogs or cats.

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Contact your vet.

Caffeine is indeed toxic to cats. According to, cats can only tolerate about 36 to 68 milligrams per pound. For a small cat, they estimate that amounts to less than .05 ounces of coffee beans, which is a very tiny amount. If your kitten is very small, the risk is even greater. So perhaps if the kitten has truly only eaten one bean, it may not need medical attention, but I would definitely at minimum consult your vet as soon as possible.

As stated on pet poison helpline, symptoms of caffeine poisoning may include:

*The term “hypothermia” from the original source was kept in quotation marks, but “hyperthermia” is the proper term to use in this context.

Based on compiling the data from the other response and the comments therein, this ought to be benign.

About 36 to 68 mg of caffeine per pound (79 to 150 mg per kg) of cat weight is considered a dangerous dose for cats. A single coffee bean is around 0. 13g and contains between 1 to 10 mg of caffeine. Moreover, your cat did not swallow the same quantity of finely ground coffee—rather, it swallowed a whole bean. The majority of the caffeine will just pass through your cat undigested because it cannot be digested. You mentioned that she is not exhibiting any symptoms, so I wouldn’t be concerned.

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1. Use Used Coffee Grounds

Good coffee grounds that haven’t yet been used to make a cup of coffee should not be wasted. Hold off on spreading used coffee grounds throughout the yard until you have a sizable amount of them. Prior to spreading them, you should also ensure that they have cooled to room temperature.

Dust the places you want the cats to stay away from gently. Try not to use too much or create large mounds because you don’t want to hurt the cats.

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How much coffee grounds is toxic to cats?

Cats: Caffeine Toxic Consumption
> 1.5 oz
> 22 oz
Coffee Beans
> 0.05 oz
> 0.5 oz
Regular Coffee
> 1.5 oz
> 38.5 oz
Decaffeinated Coffee
> 45 oz
> 500 oz

What happens if my cat accidentally licks coffee?

Pets that consume caffeine may have an increased heart rate and become hyperactive. They get jittery and restless and do not want to lie still. They may also pace or vocalize excessively. “Caffeine also raises blood pressure and causes cardiac arrhythmias, which can be dangerous.”

Do used coffee grounds keep cats away?

The strong smell of coffee can be enough to keep cats off of your garden. Simply take your fresh, wet coffee grounds and distribute them around your borders and plants where you want to discourage feline attention. What’s more, the coffee grounds are entirely biodegradable so they will decompose and enrich your soil.

Why does my cat like coffee grounds?

Cats have tremendously sensitive noses, lots more powerful than a human’s. Because of this, pungent or “interesting” smells will often catch their interest and turn them on. I caught my cat Tut sniffing around my coffee cup for almost a minute one time, so I expect fresh coffee grounds should really grab his interest.