are ferrets good with cats

For the most part, a ferret can get along with one or more cats in your household. However, it’s your job as everyone’s pet parent to make sure your furry friends can play nicely. Here are a few key things to consider: Introductions: First impressions are just as important for a pet as they are for you.

Dogs and Ferrets

The matter of dogs and ferrets is considerably more intricate and personal. A dog’s temperament must be carefully taken into account before introducing him or her to a ferret. Many dogs get along well with ferrets, but some dog breeds—like some terriers—were bred specifically to hunt small game, so they may have an innate desire to chase ferrets.

Big dogs may unintentionally harm a ferret while playing, territorial dogs may attack a ferret if it approaches their toys or food too closely, and any dog may respond naturally to being pursued or nipped by a ferret. Be cautious because it’s possible for a dog, especially a larger one, to injure a ferret severely by accident or just by acting like a dog would. It is best to never let dogs and ferrets run free together if there is any uncertainty or aggression. Ferrets should not have access to your dog’s food or toys.

Cats and Ferrets

Cats and ferrets often get along well, though this does depend on everyone’s temperaments. Cats will often play with ferrets and vice versa. Ferrets can usually hold their own against cats. Though there are some clear exceptions, keep a close eye on play sessions until you are certain that your cat and ferret will be alright (even then you should be close to watch over them). Don’t let an adult ferret play with a kitten without close supervision as they can be a bit rough on cats, especially kits.

I’ve seen cats that eat squirrels, in fact a few of mine have done so. Is it a bad idea to get a ferret when you have cats?

When cats, like yours, have a strong hunting instinct, extra caution is necessary. When a small animal runs by, these cats might become overly excited. My Siamese occasionally acted as though he might bite the ferrets’ necks as he galloped after them and batted at them. It made me nervous, thus they were never left unsupervised.

“Test” your cats by asking a friend with ferrets to bring them in a pet carrier for a visit. (Don’t have one? Contact a local ferret club or Facebook group to arrange a play date.) Observe how the cats react; they are the ones who could cause real harm, so they’ll be the crucial factor. Hopefully your cats won’t think the ferrets are edible, and you can expand your pet household safely. Good luck!

On the other hand, kittens raised around ferrets learn to play with them and tolerate the occasional nibble. Some will even sleep together. However, a lot of elderly cats put up with these furry intruders, even if they never end up being friends.

Ninety-eight percent of the time, ferrets and cats coexist well. Ferrets usually find cats fascinating. Anything that isn’t a cat is usually considered unworthy of a cat’s attention. But there are always exceptions.


Will a ferret get along with my cat?

Unlike cats and guinea pigs or cats and rabbits, cats and ferrets can get along quite well. These two species are similar in several ways: They’re both hunters, obligate carnivores, and crepuscular. Ferrets can even be trained to use a litter box!

How do you introduce a ferret to a cat?

Even though cats and ferrets are a good combination, that doesn’t mean you can suddenly put them in the same room and expect them to act like best friends. Their introduction should be slow and under your control. Also, don’t leave them unsupervised unless you are 100% sure they get along just fine.

What animals do ferrets get along with?

Ferrets can usually coexist peacefully and even amicably with cats and dogs. However, they shouldn’t be allowed free access to smaller companions such as birds or rodents, as they prey on them in nature. If you have young children, be sure to monitor their interactions with the ferrets very closely.

Can cats and ferrets share a litter box?

Will ferrets and cats use the same litter box? Sometimes. They have very different litter habits, though, and I don’t like them using the same box. Ferrets go in corners and leave it sit, cats go in the middle and will paw at the litter and bury it.