are flame point cats rare

These Cats are the Rarest of the Siamese Breed

It’s incredibly difficult to achieve the red flame color and even more difficult to breed out the tabby lines.

What Does A Flame Point Siamese Look Like?

Every Siamese cat has blue eyes and a colorpoint coat pattern in common. The Siamese cat breed has always been comparatively elegant and slender.

Large ears, a wedge-shaped head type, and a long body with long legs are required for this breed according to the show standard.

Cats bred to meet this show standard have progressively developed more extreme types over time; these cats are sometimes referred to as “modern” Siamese cats.

Known as “Traditional” or “Old-Style” Siamese, some pedigreed cat lines have a more moderate type with slightly rounder heads and bodies.

are flame point cats rare

Regarding the point color, not all associations recognize flame points as a color that is permitted under Siamese show standards.

Cats in the original four colors—seal, chocolate, blue, and lilac—are the only ones classified as Siamese breeds by the Cat Fanciers Association (CFA).

Flame points, tortie points, and lynx points are considered to be part of the Colorpoint Shorthair breed in CFA. The International Cat Association (TICA) on the other hand, allows for flame/red points.

Any color may be used for the points in their breed standard as long as they are distinctly marked and stand out from the background color.

The Earliest Records of a Flame Point Siamese in History

Comparatively speaking, the flame point Siamese is a newer breed. They were first bred in 1930 in the U. K. and have been an extremely rare breed ever since. You can still find people speculating on their authenticity today!

Red point Siamese cats, another name for flame point Siamese cats, have been around since U K. Since these cats were first bred by breeders, people have been lining up to buy them. Despite their extreme rarity, they are now found all over the world.

are flame point cats rare

What Creates The Colorpoint Pattern?

A cat’s coat color is determined by the pigmentation of each individual hair. Melanin is the pigment molecule in question, and it is created at the base of the hair follicle.

We get light colors in the coat, like white or cream, when melanin is absent. The lack of melanin in the eye creates blue eyes.

are flame point cats rare

The tyrosinase enzyme is used by the body to produce melanin. A heat-sensitive mutant form of the enzyme is present in colorpoint cats.

The mutant tyrosinase in colorpoints simply won’t function when it’s too warm, which stops melanin from being produced.

Because they are farther from the body’s center, the cat’s paws, face, ears, and tail are cooler.

There is darker fur in those regions because the mutated enzyme can more actively participate in the production of pigments at the lower temperature.

are flame point cats rare

Interesting fact: Colorpoint cats are born entirely white (or light-colored). Even the kittens’ extremities are safely surrounded by warmth while they are in their mother cat’s womb.

Because tyrosinase is rendered ineffective by the heat of the mother’s body, the kittens cannot produce pigment and stay white in the womb.

The kittens’ bodies start producing melanin in the cooler regions as soon as they are born, and after a few weeks, they start to exhibit a distinctive colorpoint pattern.

Colorpoint is a recessive gene. Cats with two points, like Siamese cats, will invariably give birth to pointed kittens.

Even though neither parent is pointed, pointed kittens can still be born in a litter if both parents have the colorpoint gene.

are flame point cats rare


How common are flame point cats?

While Flame Point Siamese cats may not be as common as some other Siamese varieties, they are not necessarily rare. They are a unique and beautiful breed that can make wonderful pets for the right family.

How much are flame point Siamese cats worth?

On average, you can expect to pay anywhere from $400 to $1,200 or more for a Flame Point Siamese kitten.

What breed of cat is a flame point?

Flame point Siamese cats are a unique breed of cats with a distinct physical and personality traits that set them apart from other breeds of cats. Flame point Siamese cats have a light cream-colored body with points of a deep red-orange color on their face, legs, tail, and ears.