are greenies safe for cats

As the first dental cat treat to receive VOHC approval, Greenies are a proven product to support your cat’s dental health. They’re affordably priced and they come in a variety of flavors to suit your cat’s preferences. Their crunchy texture helps remove tartar from your cat’s teeth and freshen his breath.

Wellness Kittles Crunchy Treats

are greenies safe for cats

  • Product name: Chicken & Cranberries Recipe
  • Recipe rule = 25-94.9% chicken and cranberries combined
  • Carb amount = approx 41% on a dry matter basis
  • Deboned chicken, chicken meal, herring meal, and chicken fat are the ingredients of meat.
  • Additional ingredients include potatoes, green tea, spearmint, cranberries, blueberries, natural flavor, ground flaxseed, salmon oil, and rosemary extract (which serves as a preservative).

Again we’re heavy on the carbs here.

The front of the bag says “real chicken #1 ingredient”.

Yes it’s the first ingredient. But it doesn’t make up the majority of the treat.

We are aware that AAFCO regulations set the minimum requirement of 5% for chicken and cranberries combined.

The name of the treat would be “chicken recipe” or, better yet, “chicken treats” if there was more chicken used in the recipe.

The bag also says “naturally gluten and grain-free”.

But that does not mean carb-free. Potatoes, chickpeas, and peas are all sources of carbs.

Blue Buffalo Wilderness Cat Treats

are greenies safe for cats

  • Product name = Trout flavor
  • Flavor rule = 0-2.9% trout
  • Carb amount = approx 43% on a dry matter basis
  • Meat ingredients = trout, chicken meal, chicken fat
  • Potato starch, peas, brewer’s dried yeast, natural flavor, and the remaining vitamins and preservatives (the majority of which are synthetic) are the additional ingredients.

You might think that these treats have limited ingredients. Compared to the other treats we’ve looked at so far, the list is shorter.

But there’s no minimum requirement for meat here. And it’s guaranteed less than 3% trout.

The bulk of these treats are carbs. Not good for cat teeth or overall health.

Whole Hearted Soft Center Crunchy Treats

are greenies safe for cats

  • Product name = Chicken & Liver Flavor
  • Flavor rule = 0-2.9% chicken and liver combined
  • Carb amount = approx 31% on a dry matter basis
  • Chicken meal, chicken fat, natural pork flavor, pork fat, spray-dried chicken liver, and tuna oil are the ingredients of meat.
  • Additional ingredients include canola lecithin, brewers dried yeast, rice flour, barley flour, dried whey, and tapioca starch. Preservatives, colors, and vitamins and minerals make up the majority of the ingredients.

Would you ever suspect pork?

It seems like this one has more meat ingredients.

But these meat ingredients are meals, fat, and flavor. None of which are whole meat sources.

Remember, there’s no minimum requirement of chicken and liver here.

Furthermore, the product name would be 20%E2%80%9C with chicken and liver%E2%80%9D%20instead of 20%E2%80%9C flavoring chicken and liver. This would occur if there was at least 3% chicken and liver. ”.


Are Greenies good or bad for cats?

Greenies treats are primarily designed and marketed for dogs, not cats. While they may not be harmful to cats in small quantities, it’s generally recommended to avoid giving dog-specific treats to cats as their dietary needs and digestive systems can differ significantly.

Can Greenies replace brushing for cats?

Unfortunately nothing will actually substitute brushing your pet’s teeth as far as the dental benefits it will bring. Greenies are, however, my favorite “next best thing” in that they do at least provide some cleaning action.

Do Greenies actually work?

In independent dental testing, dogs receiving one GREENIES Dental Chew per day averaged 60% less tartar accumulation, 33% less plaque accumulation, 80% healthier gums, and 45% improvement in oral malodor (halitosis) in a 28 day feeding study compared to dogs who only received dry dog food.