are maine coon cats good with dogs

The Maine Coon is known for their friendly and “dog-like” personality and get along well with other cats, dogs, and kids. If you are interested in introducing a Maine Coon cat to a dog, watch both pets carefully while you slowly introduce them to each other.

Designating favoured safe areas for the established animal

Rivalry could arise if the resident animal feels that the newcomer is taking advantage of them.

Any area that your cat or dog has learned to trust as a safe haven should not be shared with the newcomer. Examples of such areas include:

  • The favourite couch berth in front of the TV
  • The kitchen corner where the well-established pet usually unwinds
  • Any nooks or crannies that are favourite hidey-holes

The Maine Coon personality explained

Maine Coons are, in truth, pretty easy-going creatures.

Maine Coons are well-known for being playful and loving. They keep their kitten characteristics well into old age, which can be a long time, and they enjoy nothing more than curling up with their human parents after a demanding day of playing outside.

You won’t be shocked to hear that Maine Coons are extremely intelligent and trainable if this sounds oddly dog-like. A Maine Coon’s idea of fun includes fetch, hide-and-seek, and tag. Their hunting prowess and intelligence may even allow them to routinely outwit you.

Maine Coons are not universally gregarious, though. They form close bonds with family members, but they can be timid and cautious around strangers. You might have warned guests arriving for the first time that they might wind up covered in different shades of Maine Coon hair, only for your cat to disappear completely as soon as they step foot in your house.

This is frequently the case when bringing a dog into the home.

“Call yourself a dog?”

Keeping the newcomer in an enclosed space

Kittens and puppies don’t need much space. If your new addition is still a baby (most Maine Coons are rehomed shortly after weaning), you can house them in a box or crate that allows them to have enough space to walk around while providing adequate privacy from distant views.

When a kitten is being introduced to an established dog, you should let the dog in for brief visits each day so that it can examine and smell the kitten. Once the two get to know one another, you can then progressively extend visiting hours.

Your Maine Coon will likely set the pace for acclimatization when you bring a dog into a home where cats predominate. The first instinct will likely be to flee and hide, but due to your Maine Coon’s insatiable curiosity, the new dog will be examined from closer and closer angles.


Will a Maine Coon get along with a dog?

Due to their friendly and unfazed nature, Maine Coons and dogs will generally get along fine, but care should be exercised when: Introducing a new dog to the household. Bringing a Maine Coon home to a house with a dog.

Are Maine Coon cats like dogs?

Maine Coon Typically larger than most house cats, these gentle giants are incredibly friendly and charming. Like dogs, they always want to be with their people. Many Maine coons enjoy playing in water, and they are particularly good with other pets and with kids.

Can Maine Coons be trained like dogs?

If you’d been around Maine Coons, you’d know that they are well-known for being huge, hairy, heavy, loving and lazy. They are as trainable as dogs, but these are cats, so they prefer to do it their way, if at all.

Do Maine Coon cats get along with German shepherds?

Most Maine Coon cats are pretty low-key, affable and confident. And it has nothing to do with the size of the dog – a dog is a dog – if it is a well-behaved, sociable dog, there should be no problem. We always had cats and dogs together, and our dogs were mostly German Shepherds and Doberman Pinschers.