are maine coon cats protective

Maine Coon cats are known for being loyal and affectionate towards their owners. While they may not defend their owners in the same way a dog might, they can still exhibit protective behavior and form strong bonds with their human family members.

Do Maine Coons Protect Their Owners?

Maine Coons are enigmatic and mystical animals that live in the state’s frigid forests.

In order to avoid starvation, these large cats had to develop the ability to fight and hunt in the dense wilderness of Maine.

Even though their exact origins are unknown, we do know where they evolved into the amazing creatures we know and love today.

The instinctive need to hunt and survive has taught Maine Coons to be cautious and protective, making them one of the few remaining cat breeds with a guard dog-like demeanor!

But just like many other aspects of this enigmatic breed, the protective traits of the Maine Coon cat breed are frequently misinterpreted.

The Maine Coons’ protective instincts go beyond just openly and fervently loving you.

In addition, Maine Coons are deeply emotional creatures with intricate personalities and attachment patterns.

In summary, the answer to the question “do Maine Coon cats protect their owners?” is “yes.”

For a more in-depth response, you’ll need to read on to discover more amazing details about this once-wild cat breed.

They Think You are a Cat

are maine coon cats protective

No one knows what cats think (everyone probably should be grateful for that,) but most studies have indicated that cats believe humans are big, stupid, slow, non-threatening cats. The most likely reason they would be protective of you from this perspective is that you are weak, helpless, and in need of protection.

Anyone who spends a lot of time with the cat should have the same mindset. Maine coon cats, who likely see young children as kittens, are especially protective of them. Your Maine coon is guarding your children in the same manner that it would its progeny if it is particularly watchful of them.

Like most animals, cats show their protective side in different ways. Not all of them include putting their claws out and baring their teeth while uttering ungodly noises and hisses. Some Maine coon protective behaviors might seem like typical cat characteristics, but these behaviors are ways of protecting what is theirs.

are maine coon cats protective

Cats communicate through several methods. One is by their meow. Maine coon cats are typically quite quiet when they are not anxious or afraid. If they sense that something is wrong with their surroundings, they can become quite vocal. Meowing might or might not be an alert system for you. Nonetheless, it’s one way Maine coon cats express their unease or discomfort.

For instance, your Maine coon cat may meow to signal that its food bowl needs to be filled. It will also meow if it detects an intruder. A human, a dog, or another cat could be an intruder. It may exhibit agitated and defensive actions until it becomes used to the stranger or acknowledges it as a member of the family.

Maine coon cats also show their protective nature by trailing you around. In addition to liking you and being interested in what you are doing, they also want to stand by your side in case a threat materializes.

When they are hungry and there is nothing to eat in their dish, they might also behave in this way. That is also part of your cats protective behavior, though. They are warning you of a food crisis because they understand that a shortage of food could have an impact on the entire family in addition to the fact that they are hungry.

3. Biting Or Scratching

Biting or scratching is never okay. Here’s how to resolve the issue.

While playing, cats may nibble on your hands or nip you, but aggressive bites and scratches that cause bleeding and frequently come with a hiss are not acceptable.

These kinds of bites indicate an overly protective attitude in your cat.

This is particularly troublesome if your cat is aggressive toward small children and other pets. They can and will hurt themselves or others.

The best way to describe your cat huffing is as rapid breath exhalation

It sounds exactly like you would expect, and it could indicate that your cat is anxious or frustrated.

Since dogs also huff, you’ll probably be familiar with the sound if you’ve spent any time with them.

Huffing may also indicate a serious medical condition, such as respiratory troubles, necessitating a visit to the veterinarian.


Are Maine Coons guard cats?

Maine Coons are pretty large cats that also tend to be very attached to their people. Most are friendly and do well in households with children and other pets. They are one of the larger breeds around, which may make them suitable for guarding work. They are brilliant and love playing.

Can Maine Coon cats defend themselves?

Maine Coons will protect themselves if they feel threatened, and most dogs will back off when they hear the deep throat warning growl from your Maine Coon.

Do Maine Coon cats pick a person?

One of the key Maine Coon cat personality traits is loyalty – they will often attach themselves to one person like a dog. While they’re not generally a lapcat, they’re friendly, tactile and affectionate.

What are the cons of owning a Maine Coon cat?

Very affectionate
Family friendly
Expensive to buy/maintain
Needs expensive food
Loyal & emotionally sensitive
High risk of theft