are maine coon cats real

The Maine Coon is a large domesticated cat breed. It is one of the oldest natural breeds in North America. The breed originated in the U.S. state of Maine, where it is the official state cat.

Origin of the Maine Coon

There are three well-known origin stories for this longhaired human-lover. While one of them is a rather humorous myth, none of them can be verified very well.

According to this tale, a longhaired cat and a raccoon’s forbidden love gave rise to the Maine Coon breed. This supposedly happened in Maine. While an interesting legend, it’s only that–a legend. That kind of pairing is unattainable, but you can see how this story might have begun given the breed’s reputation for being big, hairy, and slightly ringed-tailed.

Another story suggests that Marie Antoinette originally bred Maine Coons. Her cats were supposedly sent to America ahead of her. She had hoped to travel to France and be with her cat friends, but that was not going to happen. This story is also somewhat dubious.

Some claim that the breed arrived in the northeastern United States on ships captained by a fellow named Coon. A similar tale places the cats on Viking ships. The last of these two stories is actually pretty plausible considering the Maine Coon’s similarity to the Norwegian Forest Cat.

Main Coon Cats’ Personality

These fluffy characters are incredibly laid-back and easy-going. When it comes to kids, dogs, and other cats, they usually have patience.

With a typical meow, chirp, or trill, Maine Coons may follow their pet parents from room to room as they observe daily life and enjoy their company. But they aren’t known to be needy. They are happy to curl up on their own, but they will also happily cuddle if you have an open lap.

The breed defies a popular cat trend by liking water and is renowned for its curiosity. Therefore, don’t be alarmed if you discover them playing in a water bowl or watching your bathtub drain.

Maine Coons take great pleasure in exercising their mouser instincts by pursuing and even reclaiming toys. They are frequently silly and playful, but they always act gently even when they appear to be hunting and jumping.

Maine Coons are native to Maine.

As their name implies, Maine Coons are native to Maine, where they are recognized as the official state feline. Numerous entertaining and competing theories exist regarding their origins and how they came to be in the United States. Some of the more popular ones include the theory that their bushy tails originated from domestic cats mating with raccoons, which is not supported by science, and the theory that they are descended from Queen Marie Antoinette’s six favorite Turkish Angoras that she brought to the United States. S. while planning her escape during the French Revolution. The more likely theory, which is somewhat similar to this one, holds that they originated from domestic short-haired cats mating with long-haired cats brought over by European sailors or Vikings in the early 1700s. Genetic research indicates that the Maine Coon is descended from a mystery extinct domestic breed as well as the Norwegian Forest cat, indicating that the Vikings are probably to blame. One theory regarding the naming of Maine Coons centers on Captain Charles Coon, a British sea captain who maintained long-haired cats on board his ship. The cats would mate with local cats when he would dock in New England ports, and when long-haired kittens began to appear, they became known as “Coon’s cats.” ”.

are maine coon cats real

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Are Maine Coon cats man made?

Maine Coon is regarded as a native of the state of Maine. Most Coon Cat breeders believe that the breed originated in matings between pre-existing shorthaired domestic cats and overseas longhairs (perhaps Angora types introduced by New England seamen, or longhairs brought to America by the Vikings).

What 2 breeds make a Maine Coon?

Some suggest that these cats were brought into existence when six Turkish Angora cats reached Maine aboard the ship of Marie Antoinette, who was attempting to flee France during the Revolution. Once on land, these Angora cats went on to breed with local short-haired cats and created the Maine Coon of today.

Are Maine Coon cats naturally occurring?

Maine Coons are native to Maine. Somewhat similar to this idea is the more plausible theory they originated from short-haired domestic cats breeding with long-haired cats brought over by the Vikings or European sailors in the early 18th century.

Why are Maine Coons so special?

The Maine Coon is waterproof! It has a waterproof topcoat that protects them against wet and bleak climates. They are polydactyl cats which means that they have more toes than average cats. This also means that their paws are snowshoe-like, which also helps them navigate extreme snowy conditions.