are orange tabby cats friendly

Key points. Orange cats are thought to be friendlier and more affectionate than other cats. Orange cats may be more likely to engage in risky behaviors that result in death. Orange male cats may enjoy greater social status and thus reproductive success in rural locations.

Orange cats tend to be extremely friendly

Of course, we can’t guarantee anything, but the orange cat personality is well known for being amiable and enjoyable. There’s no hard and fast rule on this, and you’ll inevitably meet some grumpy gingers, but if you have a large, fluffy orange cat, you probably have a charmer on your hands. This can be partially explained by research suggesting that male cats are generally friendlier than female cats (though you may disagree); if approximately 80% of orange cats are male, this suggests that there is a higher probability of orange cats being more gregarious than average cats. Orange cats are believed to be the second least adopted cats from shelters, behind black cats, despite their reputation. We urge you to put on your shoes and carry out your share. If you do decide to bring an orange cat into your home, be sure to take the appropriate precautions and insure your little one. Like dogs, cats also require vaccinations, which can be covered by a wellness plan for regular checkups and booster shots.

No one really knows where they’re from

The orange cat, whose ancestry is somewhat mysterious, will appeal to you if you prefer your origin stories to be mysterious (and not stretched out to eight episodes). While some have speculated over the years, no one is able to determine the precise arrival date or location of orange cats. This is due to the fact that they were never selectively bred, unlike the “fancy cats” of the middle of the 20th century. There’s a theory that the first orange cats might have come from Egypt. Why? We know that the Egyptian Mau is the only cat known to carry the gene responsible for the orange color of cats. We’ll probably never know, but could it have given us the first orange cat ever?

ALL About the Orange Tabby Cat

First of all, it’s important to understand that the term “tabby” does not refer to a particular breed when discussing orange tabbies or the rest of the tabby cat community. Instead, it describes their distinctively patterned coats, which usually have whorls, swirls, stripes, or spots.

Undoubtedly, orange tabby cats have left their mark on history, popular culture, and the world at large.

According to lore, the name “tabby” may have come from the Attabiyah section in Baghdad, Iraq, which historically produced famous silk cloths bearing a similar pattern.

Winston Churchill was gifted an orange tabby on his 88th birthday at his Chartwell estate, and left instructions that after his death “there should always be a marmalade cat named Jock with a white bib and four white socks living at the estate.”

are orange tabby cats friendly

When it comes to politics, orange tabbies can also lay claim to the fact that one of their own, Stubbs, held the title of honorary mayor for nearly 20 years in a little Alaska town called Talkeetna.

The well-known comic strip cat Garfield is actually an orange tabby.

Other notable tangerine tabbys are Crookshanks from the Harry Potter books, the notoriously picky cat food TV star Morris, and Antonio Banderas’ voice of “Puss in Boots,” who appears in three cat hero movies.

Another interesting fact about orange tabbys: they might love you just as much as you do.


Are orange tabby cats more affectionate?

Psychology Today says self-report surveys definitely suggest that orange cats are more affectionate.

Do orange tabby cats like to be held?

Affectionate Tabby cat owners often find their family pets are affectionate companions. These sweet, patterned cats aren’t afraid to show you they care. What does an affectionate personality look like in a cat? Your tabby may jump on your lap for a cuddle or purr when you pat them.

What cat color is the friendliest?

When comparing the cats by coat color, gray cats had the highest scores for shyness, aloofness and intolerance, while orange cats had the highest scores for trainability, friendliness and calmness. Tabby cats had the highest scores for bold and active, tricolor cats for stubborn, and bicolor cats for tolerant.

What are the personality of orange tabby cats?

From affectionate to aloof, playful to reserved, outgoing to stranger-danger-obsessed, orange tabby cats really come in all shades—personality shades, that is. There’s really no way around it: making the decision to welcome a cat into your home–orange tabby or otherwise—is somewhat of a risk you take.