are real trees bad for cats

Live Trees: Fir, spruce, and pine trees make excellent Christmas trees and are generally non-toxic to pets. The needles, however, can cause oral irritation and in excessive amounts, gastrointestinal upset.

How do cats react to Christmas trees?

If you have a feline friend, decorating your Christmas tree may be a little more difficult. While you’re decorating, it’s best to try to keep them out of reach because the tinsel, glittery ornaments, or twinkling lights may catch their attention. Christmas trees tend to be loved by cats, but sadly, they don’t reciprocate and can be extremely harmful to their health.

Cats and Christmas trees

If you own a cat, you are aware of how much your pet enjoys climbing everything that comes across. Therefore, it shouldn’t be shocking that cats frequently view Christmas trees as just one more obstacle to overcome. However, this might lead to your driven cat toppling the tree. Make sure you have a heavy base; you can purchase one of these or use weights attached to the bottom. Alternatively, if your cat is determined to take the place of your angel or star at the top, you can secure your tree to the wall or ceiling with tethers to ensure it remains stationary.

Another connection between cats and Christmas trees is that the allure of the dangling, glittery decorations is frequently too strong to resist. If you have glass ornaments on your tree, this can be especially risky since they could break and injure your cat. Additionally, tinsel and angel hair can cause blockages if ingested. Make sure your Christmas tree is cat-friendly by avoiding glass ornaments and those made of toxic materials, getting rid of the tinsel and angel hair, and making sure all decorations are firmly attached to the tree and out of the way of a cat’s paws.

What if my cat eats my artificial Christmas tree?

Marilyn continued, “In general, artificial trees are safer, but the plastic leaves can cause intestinal blockage if chewed on.” Getty.


Is a real Christmas tree safe for cats?

Are Christmas trees poisonous to cats? Fir trees are mildly toxic and may produce oils which can cause irritation to a cat’s mouth and stomach, but it’s very unlikely that your cat will eat large enough amounts to hurt themselves.

Should I have a real or fake tree with a cat?

It’s sensible to ensure all your decorations are ‘cat proof’ as you know any new additions to your home are going to be closely inspected by them. So can you have a real Christmas tree with cats? Well, it is strongly recommended to opt for a fake tree to avoid dangerous pine needles.

Are trees toxic to cats?

Everyone loves a good fruit tree. However, some species of fruit trees, particularly apple/crabapple, apricot, cherry, peach, and plum can be toxic to dogs, cats, and horses.

What happens if my cat eats pine needles?

According to Texas A&M University’s School of Veterinary Medicine, pine needles in particular can cause health complications for your cat. If ingested, pine needles can irritate their mouth and may also lead to gastrointestinal issues. If you wish to have a live tree, choose a fir or spruce.