are temptations cat treats bad

Generally designed for adult cats (though they do have a kitten option), most Temptations treats are 100% nutritionally complete and balanced, meaning they meet the nutrient requirements for adult cats. They’re also relatively low-calorie and affordable, which makes them a good choice for your cat and your budget.

What the ingredients really say

The following are the ingredients for Temptations’ “Dairy Flavour” and “Chicken Flavour”:

  • By-products from chickens, beef and/or sheep, corn, rice, wheat flour, dried yeast, vitamins, minerals, color, salt, taurine, antioxidants, and cheese powder
  • By-products from chickens, beef and/or sheep, corn, rice, wheat flour, dried yeast, flavors (such as milk powder), vitamins, minerals, salt, taurine, antioxidants, and cheese powder

As you can see from the above, all of the ingredients in the Temptations recipes are nearly the same, so don’t let this fool you into thinking your cat is getting a different kind of food—it’s all the same stuff in different packets!

Now consider this – it looks like chicken by-products (i. e. The primary ingredients are beef and/or sheep byproducts and chicken offcuts.

After reading that, I believe the majority of people would believe they were treating their carnivorous cats to a meaty treat.


Wouldn’t it indicate that the meat is outweighed by three grains if the amounts of the third, fourth, and fifth ingredients—corn, rice, and wheat flour—were the same as those of the top two ingredients?

This is how pet food manufacturers make a product seem meatier than it actually is. Grains are cheap, which is why they are used so frequently, but they will try their best to hide the ingredients corn, rice, and wheat, since we all know that these are not foods that should be fed to carnivores!

So, the truth is more likely this:

Grain-based (wheat, rice, and corn) Temptations cat treats contain questionable meat by-products (off cuts), questionable food coloring, flavoring, and antioxidants.

Puts a different spin on it, doesn’t it?

It makes you wonder why you aren’t feeding fresh beef, lamb, or chicken to your pet carnivore instead—plus, it’s probably less expensive!

Food coloring, flavorings, and artificial preservatives are not added to fresh human grade meats, and I think we can all agree that those are bad things. In addition, cats don’t like food coloring, so it’s just done to make the treats look prettier to us.

If raw meats aren’t your thing, try a little bag of nutritious ZIWI Peak—it’s as good of a treat as any!

There are undoubtedly much better cat treats available, and if you currently give your cat Temptations, it’s possible that the cat food isn’t that great either (sorry to be blunt). Don’t forget to read the review on the cat food you feed him!

What Kinds of Cat Treats Does Temptations Offer?

On their website, Temptations provides seven varieties of treats: Classics, Creamy Purrrr-ée, Jumbo Stuff, Meaty Bites, MixUps, Seasonal, and ShakeUps. The brand offers an incredible variety of flavors in addition to these kinds of treats, including beef, chicken, dairy, salmon, tuna, catnip, crab, lobster, shrimp, and turkey.

All together, we found 34 different kinds of Temptations treats on the brand web site.

According to reports, the most well-liked flavors are MixUps Surfer’s Delight, Savory Salmon Flavor, and Tempting Tuna Flavor.

With the exception of seasonal treats, the 6-Pack Variety Pack, the 6-Pack Feline Favorites, the Crabby Crab Flavor, and ShakeUps Clucky Carnival were the most highly rated treats.

Tempations cat treats review

Similar to the majority of Mars products (yes, the chocolate bar juggernaut Mars makes Temptations), the product’s marketing does a great job of persuading you to purchase it without providing much information about it.

I visited the Temptations website, which has a ton of adorable cartoons and downloadable wallpaper, including this one:

If you visit the website in search of the ingredients, you could instead be drawn in by cutesy games, and (2) I discovered that the product page stealthily sends you to the website of New Zealand, which has ingredients from their MEATY BITES range that are superior to those available in Australia.

We’re told Temptations are pocket purrfection, scrumptious treats your cat will do anything for. Also, apparently they’re irrestible, whatever that means. I think they mean irresistible – that’s quality control for you! I found that typo on the Temptations product page.

The individual packets list flavors like chicken, beef, or dairy, but did you know that the Australian Standards for Manufacturing and Marketing of Pet Food (AS 5812:2017) state that flavorings don’t need to be added in large quantities?

Don’t pay much attention to the word “flavour” when it appears on a cat food or treat packet. The same is true for recipe names like “With chicken”—it doesn’t necessarily mean that there is a lot of chicken!

So what is the real story behind Temptations cat treats? Let’s examine the ingredients to find out!


Do Temptations cat treats cause bladder stones?

Never will I ever give our cat or any other cat Temptation treats. Both myself and a friend of ours had cats that ended up with crystals built up in urinary tract and they couldn’t urinate. It was painful to watch and costly.

Are Temptation treats killing cats being recalled?

Temptations Cat Treats Recall History We can’t find any evidence that Temptations Cat Treats of any flavor have ever been recalled.

Is Temptations a good brand for cats?

Temptations cat treats are typically fine for cats when given in moderation as part of a balanced diet.

Why does my cat throw up after eating Temptations?

Why does my cat throw up after eating Temptations cat treats? It could be that the new treats have upset his stomach, cats may sometimes vomit when they have eaten something new that they don’t normally have. I recommend you monitor him for now, and withhold any further food for 12 hours from his last vomit.