are there chew toys for cats

There are somewhat edible chew toys for cats, the same way there are chew toys for dogs – basically raw hide but made small for cats small mouths. They can be bought at bigger pet stores or online.

My Cats Test out the 9 Best Cat Chew Toys on the Market

I examined the top nine cat chew toys available, working with my two kitties, Smokey and Sherlock. My kitties seemed to like this little experiment, as you can see from the images and videos below. Continue reading this guide on the best chew toys for cats to get helpful information and the answers to some crucial questions!

are there chew toys for cats

How Do You Choose the Best Chew Toys for Cats?

The reviews of cat chew toys above show you that not all cats will enjoy these toys equally and that they are not all made equal. Thus, when choosing to purchase chew toys for your cat, keep the following characteristics in mind.

  • Feline-friendly features. Chew toys containing catnip are a plus. Just make sure the catnip is high-quality and maintains your feline companionable. You should also search for features that will keep your cat happy and entertained, such as rattles, size, shape, and anything else you can think of.
  • Durability. Some cats, like mine, can chew a toy until it’s almost completely destroyed in a matter of hours or weeks. High-quality chew toys can be distinguished from the others by their resilience to wear and tear and durability, especially if some items are quite expensive. Chew toys for cats should have robust materials, concealed seams, and strong stitching. Actually, it also holds true for dog chew toys.
  • Promotion of dental health. Some of the best cat chew toys are highly entertaining while also promoting gum and tooth health. Look for those. It’s crucial to introduce dental chew toys to a kitten in addition to litter training, good hygiene practices, and socialization. Like with humans and dogs, maintaining good oral health early on saves you a great deal of trouble later on.
  • Play options variety. The ideal cat chew toy should provide your furry friend with as many playing options as possible, such as chasing it around or wrestling with it, as you can see.
  • Price/Value ratio. Before purchasing a new chew toy for your cat, read other cat owners’ reviews. While some toys are expensive and don’t make much of an impression on cats, others are genuine works of art with reasonable prices and long lifespans. Understand what your cat likes and shop accordingly. Pretty is not always enough for shopping criteria.

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Even if you own a cat, you’re not alone if the idea of cat chew toys is alien to you. Prior to purchasing these toys for my two cats, Smokey and Sherlock, I wasn’t entirely sure why cats even needed chew toys.

I now know that the best cat chew toys help to maintain a cat’s dental health in addition to luring kittens with the use of catnip.

I’ve included a thorough analysis of nine of the top cat chew toys available online below. I didn’t spend more than $100 on any one of the toys I picked out because they could fit any budget.

The toys I ordered are still of excellent quality, but they also have a range of reviews and ratings. I wanted my cats to try out the various best cat chew toys, so I selected a wide variety so they wouldn’t be persuaded to buy one after reading online reviews.

Before we begin, remember that every cat is unique and that I am simply reporting on my two boys’ opinions of these toys. Your cat might feel different about them. Best Cat Chew Toys for Your Spoiled Fur Baby.


Is there a such thing as a cat chew toy?

Chew toys for cats are great for bat and chase play. Toss toys or buy bouncy toys to engage your cat’s lively pounce. Some cat chew toys have dangling balls, knotted streamers and ropes to entice playful behavior. Others crinkle and make sounds when they are squeezed.

Is it okay to give cats chew toys?

Not only can a good chew toy redirect your cat’s destructive chewing toward a more appropriate outlet, but it may provide dental benefits as well. For some cats, the simple act of chewing helps soothe anxiety, relieves stress, and provides mental stimulation.

Are there teething toys for cats?

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