can a cat be fixed while pregnant

Yes, spay surgery can be done on both pregnant and in-heat cats. Pregnant females whose kittens are aborted often receive extra care and fluids following surgery. Recovery time in the trap is the usual 48 hours. At what age are kittens weaned?

Spaying Helps Overpopulation

When a pregnant cat enters one of the many animal shelters, the shelter automatically spays it. In certain no-kill shelters, particularly when the pregnancy is late-term, the mother cat is permitted to give birth. Certain rescue organizations choose not to spay a pregnant cat that they have saved.

Failing to spay or neuter cats is one of the main causes of the massive cat overpopulation issue. Spending time outdoors increases the likelihood of an unspayed cat becoming pregnant. These cats and their living kittens, whether owned, stray, or feral, never stop mating, and their progeny also never stop mating. Unspayed females may conceive with one or more of their male kittens who haven’t been neutered. In a matter of years, a pregnant female cat and her progeny can give birth to several hundred kittens.

Will spaying affect her personality?

The reproductive tract of the female cat is dormant for at least half of the year (cats only cycle seasonally, primarily in the spring and summer). This indicates that she behaves spayed the majority of the time and that there hasn’t been any noticeable change in her personality. Having said that, it’s crucial to understand that a cycling cat can be incredibly needy for attention. This kind of playful, flirtatious behavior will stop with spaying.

Will she have stitches?

Some veterinarians never use skin stitches and instead choose to use “buried” stitches, which are internal, to close the incision. The abdominal muscles, the tissue beneath the skin, and the skin itself may all be closed separately after the spay incision. Skin stitches need a follow-up visit for a re-examination, which is always advisable following abdominal surgery. It makes sense that the owner would find it easier to avoid having to make the return trip and to not have to worry about the cat ripping out her skin stitches and hurting herself. While some hospitals use both techniques, aggressive or feral cats nearly always have their sutures buried to prevent staff members from being bitten during suture removal.


What happens if a cat is pregnant and gets spayed?

The incision can be closed and the pregnancy can proceed or the spay can proceed and the developing kittens will be removed along with the rest of the uterus. Due to extra work and surgery time, most veterinarians will charge an extra fee for spaying a pregnant animal.

Do they check for pregnancy before spaying?

Many dogs and cats are spayed while pregnant to prevent the birth of puppies or kittens. A veterinarian, however, must consider the pregnant dog or cat, as well as the stage of her pregnancy, before deciding whether she can be safely spayed.

How many months after pregnancy can a cat be spayed?

While it is tempting to get your female pet spayed as soon as possible after pregnancy, it is best to wait until at least two weeks after her milk has dried up and the litter has been fully weaned off. This is often at four to five weeks old for puppies and five to six weeks for kittens.

Can a cat get fixed while nursing?

A: Yes. A cat who is spayed while she is nursing will continue to produce adequate milk for her kittens. Some veterinarians prefer to wait until a cat has weaned her kittens before doing the surgery because the mammary gland (breast) development present during nursing can make the surgery slightly more difficult.