can a cat get the flu from humans

Some scientific studies suggest that it is not uncommon for people to infect cats with seasonal influenza viruses. Less is known about the risk of an infected cat spreading flu to people. Influenza infection in cats has generally resulted in mild illness in cats.

What should I do while my cat is sick?

Due to worries about diseases that can transfer from pets to humans, sick pets should not be handled by young children, the elderly, pregnant women, or those with compromised immune systems.

What Is the Treatment for Cat Flu?

You should get in touch with your veterinarian if your cat exhibits any of these symptoms. Your veterinarian will examine your cat to determine the cause of their symptoms and rule out any other conditions that could be affecting them. Veterinarians occasionally request an eye or nose swab test to determine whether the FCV or FHV virus is present. After that, the swabs are sent to a lab so that PCR or culture tests can be used to identify the virus.

Medications. Antibiotics to treat the infection and anti-inflammatories to help reduce fever are two possible prescriptions from your veterinarian. Mucolytics, which are medications that break up mucus, can help your cat breathe easier if their runny nose is causing them to choke. Eye drops can help heal irritated, sore eyes.

At home. When it comes to treating cat flu, at-home care is crucial. Because of their symptoms, your cat might not want to eat or find it difficult to eat their regular food. Serve them tiny fish, such as sardines, or thinly sliced roast chicken to entice them. To make sure your cat is getting enough nourishment, your veterinarian might also recommend a specific diet.

When you notice discharge coming from your cat’s eyes or nose, gently wipe it away to help your friend. To remove the discharge, dab a damp cloth with saltwater. Allow your cat to accompany you in the bathroom while you shower or take a bath because steam helps to break up mucus.

How Can You Prevent Cat Flu?

Vaccinating your cat against the viruses that cause cat flu is the best way to keep them healthy. Throughout their life, your cat will require booster shots after the first two flu shots. Although vaccination won’t guarantee that your cat won’t ever get the flu, it can prevent more serious symptoms from appearing.

If you have several cats and one of them is sick, try to keep the sick cat as far away from the others as you can to prevent the virus from spreading. Ensure that shared items, such as litter boxes and bowls, are thoroughly cleaned after each use to eliminate any lingering bacteria.


Can I touch my cat if I have flu?

Pets won’t catch or spread human viruses. A Vanderbilt infectious disease expert, while stopping short of actually prescribing in-home “pet therapy” for colds or flu, says that if having your companion by your side makes you feel better, go right ahead. Pets won’t catch or spread human viruses.

Can my pets catch the flu from me?

How do pets catch the influenza virus? Studies have shown that pets can catch the flu, as well as other viruses, from humans. While not common, it is possible and is another reason to be alert during flu season. To help prevent your pet from catching the flu, try to keep your dog or cat away from anyone who is sick.

Can my cat catch a cold or flu from me?

No, cats can’t catch the common cold from humans, but they can contract other respiratory diseases. Your cat cannot catch a cold virus from you because most cold-causing viruses in people are specific to humans.