can a maine coon have short hair

It’s possible for a Maine Coon to have short hair if it’s mixed with another breed. If your kitten or cat came from two Maine Coon parents but has short hair, the chances are that one of the parents has another breed in their family tree. Mixed Maine Coons can have long hair, short hair, or a combination of both.

When do Maine Coons get their fur?

A Maine Coon’s fur takes time to grow; the fluffy cats do not have their characteristic shaggy appearance from birth. When the kittens are two to three months old, the ear tufts appear for the first time, and around nine months, the hair ruffs start to thicken.

Because of this breed’s magnificent mane, which grows for years, encountering a “shorthair” Maine Coon kitten is common. Some Maine Coons don’t reach adulthood until they are four years old!

Remember that your short-haired Maine Coon cat is mixed breed if they lack other essential features like a large frame, big paws, or a bushy tail.

Grooming requirements for Maine Coons

Even though they might not require as much care as longhair Maine Coons, shorthairs nevertheless gain from regular maintenance. What then are the fundamental requirements for maintaining the appearance of fluffy Maine Coons? Brushing three to four times a week, along with occasional trimming and bathing sessions

The following is a breakdown of proper fur care for a Maine Coon:

  • Brushing: It is recommended to begin at the belly and work your way up to the tail, neck, and head when brushing. To prevent entanglement, cats with longer fur should be brushed upwards. Purebred Maine Coons require daily care when the weather gets colder, especially in the rainy or snowy seasons. The cat’s luxurious fur makes it easy for moisture to become trapped, leading to matting.
  • Bathing: A Maine Coon’s thick fur can trap a lot of debris, including feces, dirt, and dandruff. Bathing your Maine Coon, long-haired or short-haired, at least once a month will keep their coats looking great. Because cats can have adverse reactions to certain chemicals, keep in mind not to wash your cat with human shampoo. Purchase specially-formulated pet-friendly products instead .
  • Trimming: While purebred cousins of shorthair Maine Coon cats should occasionally be trimmed, shorthair cats do not require pruning. The likelihood that fur will tangle and eventually mat increases with length. Using an electric trimmer or a pair of sharp scissors, it is recommended to “take a little off the top” before combing out any loose hairs.

The longer the fur, the more care it requires!

Are All Maine Coons Fluffy?

can a maine coon have short hair

All purebred Maine Coon cats have the breeds signature fluffiness. Texture-wise, it feels silky, despite its unkempt appearance. Reputable breeders prioritize meeting breed standards when producing quality litters.

A Maine Coon’s tail, mane, and inner ears are among its fluffiest body parts. However, due to age, some cats may have longer hair than others. Coat lengths can vary from medium to long.

Maine Coon kittens typically begin growing out their coats and manes at the age of nine months, but due to the breed’s large stature, it may take them up to two or four years to reach their full length of fur.


Can a Maine Coon mix have short hair?

In the world of cats, a fusion of two delightful breeds—the stately Maine Coon and the endearing American Shorthair—has resulted in a charming and well-rounded feline, the Maine Coon American Shorthair Mix.

How can I tell if my cat is a Maine Coon?

Measure the Tail A Maine Coon tail is three-quarters of their body length and closely resembles a raccoon’s tail. It is extraordinarily long and fluffy. The length of the cat’s tail can give you an indication as to whether they are a genuine Main Coon. The tail can be up to 16 inches long.

Do Maine Coons only have long hair?

While the fur length varies across the feline’s body (e.g. the mane and tail are much fluffier than the underbelly), purebred Maine Coons have medium to long hair. If you have a short-haired Maine Coon, they were probably crossbred!

How big do short haired Maine Coon cats get?

Adult Cat’s Size The average female Maine Coon height is 8-14 inches (20.32-35.56 cm) at maturity. Males grow to between 10-16 inches (25.5-40.64 cm). Maine Coons are one of a few breeds of cats that weigh more than 10 pounds in adulthood – they do tend to grow quite large and fluffy.