can glaucoma kill a cat

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Why is an increase in intraocular pressure a problem?

The retina and optic nerve sustain damage or undergo degenerative changes as a result of high intraocular pressure. The retina is the back surface of the eyeball’s innermost lining layer. It has cells that translate light into nerve signals, including rods and cones that are sensitive to light. The optic nerve, which connects the retina to the brain at the back of the eye, is responsible for sending signals from the retina to the brain that result in vision.

What is the treatment for glaucoma?

It is imperative to promptly lower the intraocular pressure (IOP) in order to mitigate the risk of permanent impairment and blindness. Treating any underlying medical condition that might be the cause of the glaucoma is also crucial.

Typically, analgesics are prescribed to manage the condition’s pain and discomfort. To treat the increased pressure, doctors frequently prescribe medications that reduce fluid production and encourage drainage. Some medications used in long-term medical therapy include carbonic anhydrase inhibitors (e g. beta-adrenergic blocking agents (e.g., %20dorzolamide%202%, %20brand%20name%20Trusopt%C2%AE%20and%20Cosopt%C2%AE) g. , 0. 5% timolol brand names: Timoptic®, Betimol®).

In addition to medical treatment, surgery might be required in cases that are severe or advanced. Veterinary ophthalmologists use various surgical techniques to reduce intraocular pressure. It may be advised to remove the eye to relieve pain and discomfort in certain situations where the condition does not improve with medical intervention or if blindness has developed.


Is glaucoma in cats fatal?

In the long-term, constant medical treatment will be required to keep the disease under control. With medical treatment only, most cats will ultimately go blind in the affected eye. If the underlying cause of the glaucoma was a lens luxation and the lens is surgically removed, then the prognosis is good.

How do I know if my cat is in pain from glaucoma?

Subtle signs of pain or illness include hiding, becoming less affectionate than normal and reduced grooming. Other signs of glaucoma in cats can include partially closed eye, pawing at eyes, watery discharge, obvious swelling or bulging of the eyeball, bloodshot eye, cloudiness of eye, dilated pupil or blindness.

How fast does glaucoma progress in cats?

“Typically,” he adds, “the progression takes months or longer before changes are noticed. Even with significant eye discomfort, a cat with vision impairment can continue its normal indoor and outdoor activities.”

How can I help my cat with glaucoma?

Intravenous (IV) medication, called mannitol, to rapidly decrease eye pressure. Topical treatment to reduce aqueous humor production. This is usually done using an eyedrop medication called dorzolamide, which is sometimes combined with timolol.