can i bring my cat to canada

U.S. citizens taking pet cats and dogs 3 months of age and older into Canada must carry a rabies vaccination certificate signed by a licensed veterinarian that describes the animal, provides proof of rabies vaccination and includes documentation of the product name, lot number and lot expiration date.

Pet travel from the U.S. to Canada

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The CDC’s temporary suspension for dogs entering the United States from high-risk countries for dog rabies implemented in July 2021 will be extended through July 31, 2024; all current requirements will remain in place. Learn more on

Detailed information pertaining to CDC dog import requirements may be found on All questions pertaining to CDC requirements should be directed to Contact CDC-INFO or call CDC INFO at (404) 718-3660.

A health certificate is NOT required for pets older than eight months.

  • For dogs falling into the following categories, rabies vaccination proof is sufficient: any dog older than eight months; assistance dogs certified as guide, hearing, or service dogs; two or fewer pet dogs brought to Canada by their owner; any dog exported temporarily for competition in a show or trial; and any dog imported provided proof of entry in a show or trial is presented at the time of importation.
  • A rabies vaccination certificate, issued by a licensed veterinarian, attesting to the dog’s vaccination within three years of importation into Canada, is mandatory for all dogs older than three months (except assistance dogs certified as guide, hearing, or service dogs that accompany their user into Canada). Evidence of rabies vaccination, if one is needed, by recording on a health certificate

In the United States, a health certificate from a licensed veterinarian MAY be necessary for pet dogs younger than eight months old. Please see below for more information:

Only non-commercial shipments of privately owned pets are covered by the information below. Please review the requirements on the International Regulations (IRegs) page of APHIS’s website for Canada if you are shipping pets for business purposes.

Unaccompanied dogs (puppies not traveling with their owner):

  • When 1-2 dogs under 8 months old are shipped alone, a licensed veterinarian must inspect the dogs and provide a health certificate within 72 hours of the dogs’ arrival in Canada.
  • The attached health certificate* contains a description of all the requirements for travel. This certificate does not need to be endorsed by APHIS.

Accompanied dogs (puppies traveling with their owner):

  • The only requirement for shipments of dogs under 8 months old traveling with their owners is proof of a current rabies vaccination*.

*Vaccinations against rabies are not necessary for dogs under three months of age, but Canadian officials must have access to documentation proving the dog’s age. All dogs older than three months must have proof of a current rabies vaccination in order to enter Canada, with the exception of assistance dogs that are allowed to travel with their owners as guide, hearing, or service dogs.

Pet cats do NOT require any health certificate

  • A certificate of rabies vaccination from a licensed veterinarian attesting to the immunization within three years of the animal’s importation into Canada
    • Kittens under 3 months of age exempt from rabies vaccination
    • The vaccination certificate needs to include the date and type of vaccination.

The health certificate outlines the conditions for taking your pet on a trip. If the Veterinary Export Health Certificate System (VEHCS) is to be used for submission, you can go straight to VEHCS and skip downloading this PDF.

Pet ferrets do NOT require any health certificate.

Before leaving for Canada, any ferret older than three months ought to have had a rabies vaccination within the previous twelve months.

Ferrets that have received rabies vaccinations should travel with a certificate attesting to the most recent rabies vaccination administered to the animal. The vaccination certificate needs to prominently display your pet’s name and at least its breed, age, and sex. A United States licensed veterinarian must sign the rabies vaccination certificate.

Further Information:

If a ferret older than three months is traveling to Canada and does not have documentation of rabies vaccination, it can be vaccinated at a veterinary clinic without having to be placed in quarantine.

More information about pets can be found on the Canadian Food Inspection Agencyweb site.

If the requirements for your pet’s travel are not listed, APHIS has not received official notification from the foreign nation regarding them. It is advised that you get in touch with a representative of the destination country’s government to obtain further details.

Country of destination contact information:

In order to comply with Canadian import regulations, whether you are bringing a pet along or intend to import an animal, you will need to have the appropriate documentation at the border. If you don’t, there’s a chance that you’ll face delays at the border and that Canada won’t let your pet in.

In order to safeguard its citizens, plants, and animals, Canada has put in place strict import regulations to prevent the introduction of animal diseases.

Considerations for Airline Travel

Pet transportation is subject to the rules and regulations set forth by airlines and shipping companies. Find out what requirements your airline or shipping representative might have by speaking with them.


Can I drive through Canada with my cat?

Here’s what you need to have and to know to cross the Canadian border with a pet: Rabies Vaccine Certificate: Bring an original Rabies vaccine certificate for your pet. This document must include vaccine details, the pet’s microchip number, and the administering veterinarian’s signature.

How much does it cost to take a cat to Canada?

There are no import fees for bringing your pet to Canada. However, you can expect a CBSA agent to inspect your documents and to ensure that your pet is healthy and well-cared for. The inspection costs just over $30 for your first pet and $5 for any additional pets.

What is required to bring a pet into Canada?

All dogs greater than 3 months of age, with the exception of assistance dogs certified as a guide, hearing or service dogs which accompany their user into Canada, must have proof of current rabies vaccination to travel to Canada.

Can you adopt a cat in the US and bring it to Canada?

Therefore importing a Cat from the US into Canada has fewer requirements than their canine counterparts. As with dogs, Cat’s entering Canada must have a current rabies vaccination certificate. Cats that are under 3 months of age are exempt from needing a rabies vaccination, however, proof of age may be required.