can i get a cat

Can I have a cat if I have a dog?

Getting a cat shouldn’t be a problem if you already have other pets; just make sure you consider everything beforehand. In order to prevent your new cat from being chased or hurt while your dog gets used to it, you just need to be careful when introducing it to your dog. Not all dog types make good companions for cats. How to get a new cat or kitten used to living with a dog

Should I get an adult cat or a kitten?

Having a kitten allows you to adopt an animal from birth and provide it with the best care possible to ensure its best start in life. Additionally, you’ll be able to discern some of its personality. However, in order to keep them out of trouble, kittens need a lot of care and advance planning. You must ensure their safety while you are away if you leave them alone. Depending on where you get your kitten, you might also need to arrange for neutering, first vaccinations, and other procedures. What to ask and where to get a cat or kitten

Although kittens are extremely “cute,” it’s important to keep in mind that they are only kittens for six months out of a possible 14 years or longer.

At least with adult cats, it’s evident if they have long or short hair. A cat’s personality should be fairly apparent to you, though if it is housed in unfavorable conditions and is anxious or scared, it may behave very differently from how it does when it is at ease. An assured adult cat will probably move in and settle down pretty quickly, but a nervous one might take longer. An older cat will typically require far less effort and worry than a kitten, making it much easier to leave it alone knowing that it won’t get itself into problems. An adult cat will probably already be neutered and vaccinated. Choosing an adult cat and where to get one.

Questions to Ask Yourself Before Getting a Cat

Before bringing home a fluffy feline, you should consider more than just “Should I get a cat?” Here are a few things to consider:


Is it a good idea to get a cat?

If you’ve got a regular job and only travel occasionally, then a cat is a good option. If you’re single, live alone, and make frequent out of town trips and are gone for long periods of time…then not so much.

Is it hard to own a cat?

They are easy to care for and do not require a lot of room. They are “at their best” as a full-time indoor pet. Felines are an endless source of companionship, fun and entertainment for you and your family.

How do you decide if I should get a cat?

To help decide if a cat is the right pet for you, answer the following questions: Do you have the time to devote to providing for a cat’s needs for care and attention? Do you rent or do you own your home? If you rent, does your lease allow you to keep one or more cats?