can i give my cat miralax

Miralax is a human medication that can be used to treat mild to moderate cases of constipation in cats. It’s relatively safe with few side effects and is easy to give to cats as it comes in a tasteless powder form. Cats should pass feces in their litter box within eight to 12 hours after Miralax medication.

How to Give Miralax to Cats

can i give my cat miralax

The powdered form of miralax is intended to be dissolved in liquid. Giving the powder to cats is acceptable, though, as long as it is combined with food—ideally canned or moist food. Because Miralax powder has no taste or odor, most cats will take it without any problems.

Miralax is typically given as a liquid solution when treating severe constipation or getting ready for an endoscopy procedure. It must be given by a trained veterinary professional.

Side Effects of Miralax on Cats

Veterinarians may advise you to get your cat some over-the-counter laxatives or may prescribe something more. However, unless your veterinarian advises you to, you shouldn’t give your pet a laxative. Your cat won’t notice a difference because Miralax has no taste, but there may be some adverse effects. The main side effect is dehydration. Miralax functions by retaining water in your cat’s stomach. This indicates that your cat isn’t absorbing any water throughout the rest of its body.

When administering Miralax, it’s vital that you ensure proper hydration. While taking Miralax, you can help them stay more hydrated by adding broth, encouraging them to drink from a fountain, or even just adding water to their wet meal. Miralax is a laxative, after all. But that could lead to diarrhea, which is characterized by somewhat loose and watery stools.

Is Miralax Safe for Cats?

can i give my cat miralax

In general, miralax is regarded as a safe drug for cats. Nonetheless, it’s best to make sure that giving your cat Miralax is approved by your veterinarian. Giving miralax to dehydrated cats can worsen their condition and cause abnormalities in their electrolytes.

Additionally, Miralax should not be administered to cats who may have ileus, toxic colitis, bowel perforation, gastric retention, or gastrointestinal obstruction. When treating cats with inflammatory bowel disease, PEG 3350 solutions containing electrolytes (such as CoLyte® and GoLytely®) should be used cautiously.


How much MiraLAX is safe for cats?

PEG 3350 is available as a powder meant to be mixed in liquids for human use (MiraLAX). A suggested dose for cats is 1/8 to 1/4 tsp. BID in food. Dietary therapy has included the use of high fiber diets (> 20% on as fed basis) and low residue diets.

Can I give my cat MiraLAX in a syringe?

Giving MiraLax to My Cat The instructions from the vet were to mix the MiraLAX with a small amount of water and then force Charlotte to swallow it using a plastic syringe to get it into her mouth. So, to make it easy, I’ve been mixing the MiraLAX with a small amount of water and then mixing it with a meat tube treat.

What laxatives are safe for cats?

Osmotic laxatives are generally considered safe for long-term use. Lactulose and Miralax® (polyethylene glycol 3350) are two examples of osmotic laxatives that are commonly used in cats.