can i take in a stray cat

Taking in a stray cat is a great way to adopt a new pet that otherwise may never have a good home. Before you decide to adopt the pet as your own, make sure that it doesn’t have an owner. If the cat doesn’t have a home, vaccinate it, treat any injuries or illnesses, and then slowly introduce it to your home.

I have a slightly smaller 10-month-old already, so I’m a little concerned that they might not get along. I would greatly appreciate any advice :).

Note: Since this would be my first stray cat to adopt, I’m not familiar with any shots or medical procedures it would require. I would appreciate any advice on that as well. Archived post New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast.

My apartment building has a few cats that hang out on the floor below me because one of the neighbors puts out cat food. Anyway, the majority of them flee from me if I even glance at them, but one in particular is really cordial with me. Even though I haven’t encouraged it, it has grown closer to me over time. It now feels secure enough that if I even stroll by it, it will rub up against my leg.

The tip about clips

When a cat’s ear tip is clipped, it indicates that the animal was once a stray and was subsequently neutered, spayed, given a vaccination, and released.

Is it safe to bring a stray cat inside?

The answer to that question is: It depends. There’s a good chance you can bring the kitty you found indoors if it’s friendly and has lived in a house before.

However, there are a few things you should know before taking in that cute stray that keeps turning up at your door, particularly if you already have one or more cats.

  • That cat may not be a stray. They might be a lost cat or an indoor/outdoor pet who enjoys going to different people’s houses. Therefore, look through lost pet ads and have the cat scanned for a microchip before you decide to permanently adopt it.
  • Because cats are territorial by nature, your other cats might not approve of your decision to bring a new cat into your house.
  • A stray cat could have feline AIDS, leukemia, or parasites. Before letting the feral cat live with your other pets, it’s crucial to have it checked out by a vet and treated for any problems if you have any other cats.


Is it OK to bring a stray cat inside?

Once you’re able to coax the cat inside, they should not be allowed free rein of your home. Instead, select one room where your stray cat can get acclimated to being indoors. This room should have water and food bowls, a litter box, and perches where your cat can get up high and away from it all.

What happens if I take in a stray cat?

Be patient Anytime you are introducing a new pet to an unfamiliar environment, it’s essential that you remain patient and work at a comfortable pace for the animal. Not only will your stray cat learn that they are safe and can be relaxed in their new home, but they are also learning to trust you.

Can you take a stray cat from the street?

You can keep the cat safe until you do so by offering them shelter and food, but you should get them scanned for a microchip and check any lost and found pages online first. Once you are sure the cat is stray and doesn’t have a home and owner waiting for them, if you are happy to you can adopt the cat yourself.

Can I keep a stray cat as a pet?

Under the right circumstances, a stray cat can also become a pet cat once again. Stray cats that are re-introduced to an indoor home after living outdoors may require a period of time to re-acclimate; they may be frightened and wary after spending time outside away from people.