can ragdolls be outdoor cats

In theory, there is nothing stopping Ragdolls from going outside like any other cat. In practice, Ragdolls are best left inside due to a couple of breed-specific issues, including them being: Not particularly street-savvy. Prone to tummy upsets.

Dangers of Letting a Cat Outside

The dangers of outside vary depending on where you live. The following are just a few of the risks (please elaborate if I’ve missed any):

  • Dogs
  • Other cats – neighborhood cats that are roaming
  • Foxes
  • Coyotes: Sadly, a lot of readers have told me terrifying tales about how coyotes killed their cats.
  • Wolves
  • Hawks and Owls
  • Bald Eagles and other large raptors
  • Fleas
  • Ringworm
  • Heartworm (from mosquitoes)
  • Vehicles
  • Yard Chemicals
  • Neighbors poisoning them
  • Children or other people hurting them
  • Being stolen
  • Poisonous snakes
  • Poisonous plants

Deciding to Let Your Ragdoll Cat Outside

Choosing to let your Ragdoll outside is a subjective decision, just like many other decisions. And also, how you’re going to let them outside. I think a breeder thinks more like you let the cat outside in the morning and let them back in at night when they ask you to sign that on a contract. They aren’t talking about, say, letting them outside in a catio or walking them in a stroller or on a lead.

My quarantine cat vlog series created a lot of questions as to why I let my cats outside. We have also had a decent discussion about it on Facebook. Ragdoll cats, Trigg and Charlie, outside

Do Ragdoll Cat Owners Let Their Cats Outside?

Since 2008, when Floppycats first launched, I’ve heard of a ton of Ragdoll cat owners who take their pets outside. They utilize a variety of techniques, such as walking them on leashes or leads, pushing them in a stroller, or having a catio—a secure patio created with a cat’s needs in mind. They occasionally let them walk around in their backyard, just like I do with mine. I do not endorse or suggest letting your cats outside. It’s a personal choice, in my opinion, based on what you feel comfortable doing in light of your circumstances, values, etc.


Are Ragdoll cats good outdoors?

But when it comes to Ragdolls, indoor cat life is best. Ragdolls are good-natured cats even at their worst, and that’s part of the problem with letting them outside. Their tranquil personalities make them vulnerable to all kinds of harm, like prowling tom cats, loose dogs, and stranger danger.

Why are Ragdoll cats indoor only?

Large and playful they may be, but they are well-known for their easy going, ‘that’s life’ attitude. For this reason they are usually kept as indoor cats and not let out unless under strict supervision. They may be many things, but they’re not street savvy!

How long do outdoor Ragdoll cats live?

Semi long-haired
Life span:
12-17 years
Trusting, playful, relaxed and affectionate