can russian blue cats have long hair

Nebelungs have long bodies, wide-set green eyes, long and dense fur, and mild dispositions. The cat is related to the Russian Blue, but with longer, silkier hair, and is in fact sometimes called the Long-haired Russian Blue.


The medium-sized Nebelung cat has a long, muscular, and nimble body. The breed’s fur is medium-length, dense, blue-gray, and typically has silvery tips. These cats’ long, plumed tails add to their overall delicate beauty and serve to balance their long bodies. The cat’s body shouldn’t have any white or colored patches, though the fur behind its ears can have a different shade of blue from the rest of its coat. There are instances when male Nebelungs have a thicker fur ruff around their necks.

The Nebelung cat appears extremely alert due to its large ears relative to its head and wide spacing between them. The eyes are large and wide-set. Although emerald green and yellowish-green are also acceptable eye colors, the breed standard says that the greener the better.

A Nebelung cat normally needs two years to reach adulthood. These cats do not have hypoallergenic qualities, even though they do shed less than some other breeds.

History of the Nebelung

The Nebelung is a relatively new and uncommon breed of cat. Nebelung, a reference to their stunning, glossy silver-blue coat, means “creature of the mist” in German. The breed was developed in the United States, despite its German name.

Early in the 1980s, Cora Cobb, the breed’s creator, gave her son a female black domestic short-hair cat. This cat produced a litter of six kittens when it mated with a male with long blue-gray fur who was also short-haired and had blue fur, resembling a Russian Blue. Cora was taken with this cat and kept him. A short while later, the same type of female kitten appeared.

Beginning a breeding program, Cora gradually bred the cats over the course of the following ten years, using Russian Blue cats as “outcrosses” to boost the genetic diversity of the new breed. In 1987, The International Cat Association and subsequently The American Cat Fanciers Association recognized the Nebelung as a completely new breed. The Cat Fanciers Federation and the Cat Fanciers Association as a whole have not yet officially recognized this breed, however


Your Nebelung will benefit from routine nail trims, teeth brushing, and veterinary examinations and vaccinations, just like any other cat.


Is my cat a Russian Blue or Nebelung?

The Nebelung is a very pretty yet sturdy cat, similar to the Russian Blue, with a firm, lithe and muscular body and neat head. Unlike the Russian Blue however, the Nebelung is a semi-long coated cat, with shorter fur over the body and a luxuriantly furred tail, tufted ears, thick ruff and profuse ‘knickers’.

Are there long-haired Russian Blues?

Often referred to as the “longhaired Russian blue,” the nebelung cat does share some similarities—and genes—with the breed, but has its own distinguishing features, most notably its silky fur coat. A people pleaser, the nebelung is an affectionate, devoted companion that has won the hearts of families around the world.

What cat is mistaken for a Russian Blue cat?

Russian Blue and Chartreux are two cat breeds which often get mixed up because of their blue coat color. However, when you know what to look for, it can be quite easy to tell these two breeds apart.