can you trim cat’s whiskers

Vets and experts agree that whiskers should never be trimmed or cut. Clipping your cat’s whiskers would be like taking away part of their vision or sense of smell. Doing so would be highly disorienting for your feline family member.

When a cat’s whiskers are clipped, they frequently become disoriented and have difficulty moving. The cat will miss even one whisker, but eventually they will grow back. Shaving the whiskers is like chopping off our finger tips. Though it would be harder and we would lose a great deal of our sensory perception, we could manage.

There are more whiskers on the cat than just the ones on either side of its nose. Additionally, cats have whiskers on the backs of their front legs, above their eyes, and on their chins and jaw lines.

One of the reasons cats are such skilled hunters is that their whiskers can also detect the movement of prey when they are pursuing it.

Although they resemble stiff hairs, they are far more Each whisker is incredibly sensitive and precise, communicating with the brain through connections to the muscular and nervous systems.

New Pet Pal LogoA. You should never trim, curl, dye or otherwise touch a cat’s whiskers. They are that important.

Trim the Cat’s Whiskers

Never trim the whiskers on your furry companions. Although it might feel good, your cat friend does not have the same type of hair as you do.

The kitty’s whiskers are an important sensory organ. Those long, thick hair strands are not actually hairs. Each tiny cat whisker, known scientifically as vibrissae, is attached to a sensory receptor nerve ending that transmits important information to your furry friend’s brain. The specialized hair that emerges from each whisker follicle serves as your cat’s primary sense of spatial awareness as she moves through the environment.

Sensory information is essential; if she has fewer whiskers or none at all, it can make her feel afraid, confused, and unable to perceive her surroundings the way she is accustomed to. Trimming your cat’s whiskers could have the same effect as if you were losing your sense of touch.

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Cats Use Their Whiskers to Plan Their Escape

With her whiskers, your cat would make a fantastic 007 She is elusive, difficult to read, and able to judge which minuscule openings a shell will fit through before entering one!

You can usually assume that your cat’s entire body can wiggle through an opening if her head and whiskers can fit through it.

can you trim cats whiskers

As a general rule, the length of your pet’s whiskers corresponds to its size. Because of their facial whiskers, cats—even those who are elderly or have vision issues—can usually navigate around quite well.

But, if your pet has been overindulging in treats and gaining a few extra pounds, his whiskers might not be as accurate in determining whether or not he will fit through that narrow opening. Don’t worry, Fluffy—we’ve all been there. But seriously, if you think your cat might be overweight and are unsure of how to keep them at a healthy weight, we advise cat owners to discuss weight control with their veterinarian.


What happens if you cut a cat’s whiskers?

Cutting whiskers is not only painful, but can decrease a cat’s spatial awareness. This can cause them to knock into things, become disorientated, less able to protect themselves from danger and less agile. So, put the scissors away and let your cat’s whiskers grow wild!

Why are my cats whiskers so long?

Your cat’s genetics determine the length of their whiskers, so you can rest assured they’re the exact length they should be: neither too long nor too short. Shed whiskers will grow back, so there’s no need to worry if you find a stray.

How do you groom a cat’s whiskers?

Should You Trim Your Cat’s Whiskers? Absolutely not. Whiskers won’t overgrow and they don’t need trimming. The only reason to trim whiskers would be at the direction of your veterinarian for medical issues.

Do cats have nerves in their whiskers?

Whiskers are more sensitive than regular hairs because the follicles they originate from are jam-packed with blood vessels and nerves. In fact, whiskers are as sensitive as a human’s fingertips. So while a human’s sense of touch is in the fingers, a cat touches the world with its face.