did doja cat change her album covers

Yesterday, Doja Cat revealed the cover artwork, title, and release date of her new album: Scarlet is out September 22. (By Thursday, she changed the cover.) The initial cover featured a painting of a big pinkish arachnid and a small drop of blood; it has no text.

“Updated cover,” the singer wrote on Instagram on Thursday (Aug. 31) alongside the new art, which features a hand-drawn, spider-like creature with pearls as a head and abdomen against a white background. See the post here.

The original art featured a fittingly scarlet-colored spider, but Doja seemed to have deleted the post and changed the cover after fans noticed that German hardcore band Chaver also used the same spider on the artwork for their upcoming album cover.

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According to Stereogum, both Doja’s original album art and Chaver’s LP cover were designed by the same person, Portland-based artist Dusty Ray. An even stranger coincidence is that both albums will be dropping on the same day, September 22.

Two tracks from Doja Cat’s album have already been heard by fans: the lead single “Attention,” which was released in June and has so far peaked at No. 31 on the Billboard Hot 100, in addition to “Paint the Town Red,” which this week debuted in the top five of the Hot 100. “Red” topped this week’s Hot R as well, moving 5-1. She’s set to release another single, “Demons” on Friday (Sept. 1).

Following criticism that the updated cover for Doja Cat’s new album Scarlet bore a striking resemblance to the cover of a new album by German metallic hardcore trio Chaver, the band revealed the cover. The original artwork for the two records, which were scheduled to be released on September 22, showed paintings of dark pink arachnids under a drop of liquid. Both s were made by the artist Dusty Ray. Rather, a pair of arachnids with pink, orb-like bodies are shown in Doja Cat’s latest artwork locking lips together. View the original cover and artwork for Chaver’s Of Gloom by scrolling down. Check out the new artwork below.

Of Gloom, which Chaver describe as “a trip to a place of pain,” will be released via BDHW and follows the Leipzig group’s 2020 album, A Cellar Door.

Pitchfork has contacted Dusty Ray, Chaver, and Doja Cat representatives for additional information and comments.

Announcing Of Gloom, Chaver wrote, “The striking cover art, masterfully crafted by Dusty Ray @sloppjockey_ert (who has been with us since our first album), serves as a captivating contrast to the albums intense music, setting the stage for a trip to a place of pain.”


What changes did Doja Cat have?

Doja Cat Nose Job The naysayers noted changes to her nose in 2019. Her nose appeared narrower with a thinner bridge, and her nostrils had been altered to a more rounded shape.

Did Doja Cat come out with a new album?

Released on Sept. 22, Doja’s fourth studio project, Scarlet, was entirely self-penned. The 17-track LP contains zero features and is named after GRAMMY winner’s alter ego.

Is Doja Cat South African?

Doja Cat is the daughter of Mzansi’s legendary actor and Sarafina! star Dumisani Dlamini. This news comes after Doja Cat, real name Zandile Dlamini, stated on a US radio interview that her father is a South African and she has never been to South Africa.

What does the name Doja Cat mean?

As a teenager in 2012, Doja Cat gained her stage name from one of her cats as well as her favorite strain of marijuana, stating, “I was heavily addicted to weed and weed culture, so when I began rapping I thought of the word ‘doja’ and how it sounds like a girl’s name.”