did doja cat have plastic surgery

They left PEOPLE in 2023. Doja Cat will always get the last laugh. The rap superstar recently revealed she underwent two body modification procedures, including liposuction on her hips and breast augmentation, which she continues to joke about on Twitter.

Fans will have to wait even longer to see Doja perform again because she is still recovering. She had to withdraw from The Weeknd’s summer After Hours Til Dawn tour and postpone festival appearances last year due to tonsil surgery. She posted on Instagram, saying, “I feel terrible about this but can’t wait for this to heal and get back to making music and creating an experience for y’all.”

The thigh liposuction had her fans confused. To one fan, Doja had to explain that she did not receive a fat transfer. “No it is not, dear. That is called a fat transfer. I did not get a fat transfer,” she tweeted. One fan was upset that “thick Doja” was gone.

Doja Cat underwent plastic surgery, and she is open about her recovery. The 27-year-old was open and honest with her fans on Twitter on Monday, revealing that she had liposuction and breast surgery. After surgery last week, the singer said on Monday that she was four days into her recovery.

The Grammy winner responded, “I know, stop,” to a different follower who made the joke, “She’s so easy to trigger it’s hilarious,” in a different thread that day. I’m on bed rest, so please don’t block me because of a crude joke. ”.

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Doja appeared on stage to accept an iHeartRadio Titanium Award for her “most-played” hit song, “Woman,” on Monday night at the 2023 iHeartRadio Music Awards in Los Angeles, indicating that she was at least somewhat well. ”.

Doja then proceeded to give her 5. More updates about her recuperation were shared with her 5 million platform followers, who were informed that she was “just numb and swollen as f— under my arms” and that she would reveal the outcome of her breast reduction “soon when they don’t look like two loafs of bread.” give it 3 more weeks. ”.

Doja Cat was accused of pushing plastic surgery on her young fans, so she spent the weekend retaliating on social media.


Did Doja Cat make her face like a cat?

Stearns “slimed her face in silicone,” she said) to sculpt a small foam latex prosthetic for the event. “She wanted to be a cat herself, as like a humanoid kind of cat,” Ms. Stearns said. They did two full run-throughs with the prosthetic and it took about an hour to apply earlier on Monday, as Ms.

What happened to Doja Cat?

Here’s what happened. Doja Cat has responded to criticism about her personal life recently, using strong language and calling her followers certain names. As a result, she faced a significant backlash, with nearly 400,000 fans unfollowing her on Instagram alone, impacting her social media presence.

Why did Doja Cat have surgery on her throat?

Doja had to get her tonsils removed after an infection in her throat took a turn for the worse. She attempted to rap but seemed to have trouble getting the words out.

What did Doja Cat do to Lorry Hill?

Footage of Doja Cat criticizing the YouTuber began to circulate online over the weekend. The singer called out Lorry Hill for speculating she had gotten cosmetic surgery, which she denies. Hill said she removed the video because she learned the singer was “hurt” by it.