did tater tot the cat die

The viral kitten, known for his messy hair and mismatched colored casts, passed away Wednesday after about a week of various symptoms. His foster mom, Ash Houghton, said his energy had decreased and he was exhibiting signs of pneumonia. Tater Tot was being treated with antibiotics when he passed away.

When asked about the popularity of the young kitten, Houghton told Newsweek, “This little guy has a lot of things going against him, and the world just loves an underdog.” Many have said that his battle and enthusiasm for life are incredibly inspiring, and I know that he has inspired me in a small way. “.

“Our little spud died unexpectedly in my hands today,” she wrote. “I sincerely believe he had an enlarged heart and it couldn’t keep up with him because his energy had been gradually declining over the last week or so.” He vanished as soon as he finished his stroll. “.

Houghton soon discovered that people were closely following Tater Tots’ development thanks to the images and updates she shared on her Instagram account, ourfosterbabes.

Houghton went on: “I’m so incredibly glad I got to share him with the entire world because this little potato has had such a profound impact on my heart.” What began as me posting pictures of my silly new foster became a community full of people who were all about compassion, kindness, and humor. I can’t even begin to tell you how amazing it has been to witness Tater Tots’ impact on the world; I’m amazed at the reach his story has had. “.

Tater Tot’s images and videos quickly made their way onto other social media sites, such as Twitter, where he established himself as a mainstay among the animal-loving populace.

The rescue center stated that despite his health issues, it was dedicated to assisting him in getting better so he could eventually be adopted into a permanent home. Advertisement.

Houghton claimed in her post that they had been tube-feeding Tater Tot for six and a half weeks and that their bond with the well-known kitten on the internet was unlike that of any other foster animal.

Haughton concluded the letter with, “Thank you for being a part of Tater Tots journey, and for having such a profound impact on me and our rescue.” “My goodness, I’m so glad we built a whole community—something we never would have imagined doing.” “.

Multiple TikTok users have drawn hundreds of thousands of views from filming themselves reacting to the news in tears. One TikToker said she immediately “lost her mind” when she heard the news and was going to sit on the floor with her own cats for the next three hours to make herself feel better. Advertisement

Other users have made video montages featuring their favorite snapshots of Tater Tot looking cute (or scowling, which is the facial expression he was known for). The comments across social media posts about the beloved feline have been incredibly sorrowful and sweet.


What happened to the Tater Tot cat?

Sadly, Tater Tot’s health worsened drastically over the last week and he began to show signs of pneumonia, the co-director Ash Houghton wrote in the Facebook post. He died on Wednesday.

Is tater the cat still alive?

Tater Tot was a special needs kitten who captured the hearts of thousands of people on the internet. Unfortunately, Tater Tot passed away in August 2023. Tater Tot had become severely ill very quickly and was being treated for pneumonia at the time of his death.

Where was Tater Tot cat?

Tater Tot, a 5.5-week-old kitten won hearts all across Utah and far beyond. UPDATE: Tater Tot died on Tuesday after moving hearts of people around the world. MIDVALE, Utah — It’s a cat whose story captured hearts across Utah and far beyond.

What happened to cat from Tiktok?

Apparently, she had several health issues as a kitten that she managed to survive, but she wasn’t so lucky later on. On February 8, 2022, Pot Roast’s mom posted a video telling the world that Pot Roast had been diagnosed with feline immunodeficiency virus (FIV).