do bengal cats like to swim

One common characteristic among Bengal cats: their love for water. Don’t be surprised if your Bengal cat follows you for a dip in the pool — or the bath. This breed is fond of drinking water straight from the tap, swimming and goofing off with water when given the chance.

Do Bengal Cats Like to Swim?

Anybody who has ever owned a cat knows that, with the exception of their drinking water, the majority of them appear to be completely afraid of water. Really, have you ever tried bathing a cat? You definitely need to wear protective gear. You can bet that you’re going to get into a heated argument most of the time. In this specific post, we will attempt to clarify for you how Bengal cats differ from the majority of their domestic cousins. In this post we will talk about the following:

  • Bengal Cats are Inquisitive and Adventurous
  • Are Bengal Cats Afraid of Water?
  • Do Bengal Cats Like to Swim?

Bengal Cats are Inquisitive and Adventurous

When you first bring a Bengal cat home, you will be surprised by how inquisitive and spunky your Bengal is. Seemingly fearless, they are always attempting to understand how things operate and are eager to learn about everything.

One of the main factors that make Bengal cats so much fun to be around is their behavior. You’ll quickly realize that your Bengal cat is most likely the most energetic pet you’ve ever had. Their insatiable desire to engage with everything around them keeps them from ever getting bored in any situation.

Some of the things they truly love to do are things that many other cats just ignore, either because they aren’t as smart as most Bengal cats or because they don’t want to try to figure them out. Once you bring a Bengal cat into your home, you may notice the following things about it:

  • • They enjoy following you about and participating in your activities.
  • • They frequently manage to open cabinet doors, drawers, and even doors leading to other rooms.
  • • They love to steal things and then hide them.
  • • It’s possible to find them playing with dripping water in the kitchen sink.
  • • They could play with their food in their water bowl.
  • • May often try to follow you into the shower.
  • • Playing with the toilet.

These are just a handful of the activities your Bengal cat may show you how to do or enjoy. Much of this can be attributed to their extraordinary intelligence and their basic enjoyment of life.

Why do Bengals like water?

I refuse to leave until you have given me a luxurious bath.

Bengals love playing in the water and are not afraid of it for two main reasons:

  • Their ancestry
  • Their unique temperament

The fascination with Bengal cats probably comes from their Asian Leopard cat ancestors. These untamed felines take pleasure in swimming and paw-dipping in water. Before they drink, they also swish their paws through the water to remove any debris.

You will witness a Bengal kitten’s curiosity and adventurous nature the moment you bring them home. These kitties know no fear and are extremely intelligent. They are frequently observed attempting to understand how things operate and how to get to impossibly high places. Tiny leopards tend to investigate everything closely.

Bengals will love picking up new skills, games, and even some discipline because they are highly entertaining and easy to train despite their tendency toward mischief.

Am I imagining it, or is the tap running?

If you’ve previously owned cats, you may have noticed that Bengals take pleasure in activities that most other cats would likely disregard (perhaps because they’re too stupid to figure out how).

The unusual behaviour may include:

  • pursuing you and attempting to participate in all of your activities
  • Attempting to open cabinets, drawers, and doors (and succeeding)
  • Stealing and hiding various items
  • Putting food in their water bowl and playing with it
  • using the toilet as a plaything (not the best toy, but who are we to judge?)
  • Activating the faucet on their own after witnessing you do it and learning how to

Watching your feline friend display their intelligence will never get old, and you will always be in awe of them. Bengals always find ways to amuse themselves because they love to have fun. You should make sure they do it safely as a cat parent.


What do Bengal cats love most?

On top of this, most Bengals love splashing in the water and playing with paper, so keep important documents locked and offer lots of toys to keep them busy. Overall, Bengal cats are confident, curious, and happy.

Can Bengals get wet?

Bengal cats love to swim just about any place you might allow them to. This means they’ll jump in a tub of water for a little swim, into a wading pool or even a full size swimming pool and join their owner for a nice relaxing swim.

What makes Bengal cats so special?

Bengals are intelligent, active, and affectionate cats that can make wonderful lifelong companions. They are renowned for their wild, exotic appearance and can be quite stunning to look at with their leopard-like markings and bright eyes.

Do Bengal cats like to be carried?

Your Bengal won’t usually want to be picked up and held as this breed is not fond of being confined. They are vocal and very active.