do bengal cats need companions

Bengals don’t like to be alone. It can be hard to fill a Bengal’s social needs all by yourself, so ideally they will have a friend! You can try to have a Bengal as an only pet, but most Bengal kittens are raised to be social with people and with other animals. Again, they don’t like to be alone!

Single or Multiple Bengals?

If you’re considering getting a Bengal cat, you may be unsure if getting one cat is enough or if you should get two or more. Bengal cats are renowned for their gregariousness, intelligence, and high level of energy. To stay content and healthy, they require a great deal of stimulation and interaction. But does that mean they require a second cat friend, or are they able to survive on their own?

We will examine the benefits and drawbacks of owning one or more Bengal cats in this section. I’ll also offer you some advice on how to pick the best choice for your spending limit and way of life. If you choose to own Bengal cats, you will need to make sure they have enough room, toys, love, and care to suit their needs.

Read on to find out more about single vs. multiple Bengal cats!.

Do Bengal cats do better in pairs?

Cats are solitary animals by nature, and while being by themselves won’t harm them, it’s not always the best option.

The Bengal cat is a relatively new hybrid breed that was domesticated in the 1970s. Despite having a “Wild” side, people mistakenly believe that it means it still retains all of its wild characteristics, including aggression and solitary tendencies.

Yes, if you are at home all day and have the time and energy to spend active playtime with your Bengal cat, then maybe owning one cat is perfect for you and there’s nothing wrong with this situation. However, keep in mind that Bengal cats are still domesticated animals and that the majority of their owners keep them indoors. Over time, these animals have learned to become social, friendly creatures.

Bengal cats dislike being alone, so if you are gone from home for the entire day and your cat is left alone, this could lead to issues.

Watch Basil and Parsley’s video on YouTube to see how these two adorable little munchkins play and keep each other company!

Having two Bengal cats has its advantages because, as the video above shows, they will play together all day long, relieving some of your attention demands and allowing you to enjoy your own life! Bengal cats do require a lot of care.

Cats left alone all day may suffer greatly from boredom. They may also get less exercise, which may eventually cause them to gain weight, experience depression, or even become aggressive.

An irate Bengal welcomes you home from work, which is the last thing you want. It might be time to bring another cat or companion into the house if you observe any behavioral changes of this kind.

If you have perused my previous blog entries, you are aware that I enjoy interacting with the lovely folks on a well-known Bengal cat Facebook group in order to provide you with accurate information about this breed.

I therefore requested that the group select one of the following options to answer the poll:

A) My Bengal Cat Lives alone

B) I have a Bengal plus another cat/cats

C) I have a Bengal cat and a dog

I received 55 responses, and I’ve included the results for you in the table below.

My Bengal Lives alone I have multiple cats My Bengal Lives with a dog
7% 51% 42%

Did those results surprise you?

Although it appears that most Bengal cat owners keep several cats to ensure their Bengals are happy, this data also demonstrates that Bengal Cats and Dogs can coexist peacefully. I hope this information helps you understand how gregarious they are as household pets.

To tell the truth, I was surprised that only 7% of respondents had a Bengal cat. Had I assumed that the percentage would have been slightly higher

Let’s now examine a few advantages of owning a companion for your Bengal!

Two Bengal Cats will learn a lot from each other

Bengal cats are among the smartest breeds; cats in general pick up knowledge through observation, and they must be socialized in order for them to eventually learn from one another. They will impart skills to one another on how to use the litterbox, play fighting, and generally keep one another in check.

You will sleep better with two cats

People who own solitary cats frequently wake up in the middle of the night or early morning to play, especially when the breed is as energetic and lively as the Bengal!

I don’t know about you, but dragging the cat’s toys around the room at four in the morning while feeling and looking like a zombie and in need of coffee to get me through the rest of the day is the last thing I want to be doing!

Additionally, during our discussion of sleep, did you know that 274 percent of respondents claimed that their Bengals sleep in their beds at night? Just picture having two of them and the warmth your body would receive from them during the bitter cold winter!

Two Bengal Cats living together will keep each other clean

Bengals are among the least shedding cats, so shedding is not as much of an issue for them. Even so, they still devote a significant portion of their day to grooming and cleaning, and how lovely it would be to have two cats who could take care of each other all day!

This is not only incredibly adorable, but it will also ensure that your Bengals are tidy when they explore their domain!

do bengal cats need companions

What to take into consideration when getting two Bengal cats

As you can see, there are unquestionably benefits to having multiple Bengal cats in your life, but ultimately, the decision is yours.

I would advise you to make sure you understand the expenses associated with having multiple cats.

I wrote a whole article about the cost of a cat because, believe it or not, there are a lot of factors to consider. It might be worthwhile to read it.

Making sure there is adequate room in the house for each cat is something else you might need to think about. This is so important!.

Because bengals are highly territorial, you may very well find yourself in trouble if they don’t have a space they can call their own. Because they are such skilled jumpers, they require plenty of vertical space to survey their domain. They also require a space that they can scent mark and claim as their own, which will help keep your Bengal cats from becoming envious of one another.

do bengal cats need companions

In addition to needing two beds, two litter trays, separate feeding dishes, etc., it’s a good idea to “catify” your house so that your Bengals can have their own sanctuary.

There are many ways to accomplish this, but for your babies, I would highly suggest mounting wall furniture! This will make sure they have lots of places to jump onto when they need a little alone time away from the other pets.

To keep them from growing bored, make sure there are lots of playthings for them to choose from and rotate them on a regular basis. There are more ways to keep your cat occupied during the day; in fact, I’ve listed 13 entertaining ideas in this post!

Getting two Bengal kittens is another option you might want to think about because it’s much simpler for young cats to learn how to get along with one another than it is to introduce two older cats. Though they will be more adamant in their ways, particularly if they are not well socialized, you can still introduce another Bengal when they are both mature.

do bengal cats need companions

What other breeds get along with Bengal Cats?

Bengal cats generally get along better with other breeds that complement their high energy levels and personalities, like the Bombay, Siamese, and Savannah, than with more laid-back lap cat breeds like the ragamuffin.

It’s crucial to give adopting two different breeds a lot of thought. Bengal cats are known for being energetic, so you can only image how much this might irritate a breed of cat that wants to spend the entire day curled up in your lap!

Please do your homework before bringing another breed into your home and search for another playful, energetic breed as this could be a recipe for disaster.

do bengal cats need companions


Do Bengal cats do better in pairs?

Our experience is that kittens adapt and settle in much better as pairs or into a home that already has another young kitten. If you have decided to buy a Bengal, it’s worth considering getting two if you don’t already have a young cat in your household.

Can a Bengal cat be left alone?

The Bengal Cat does well in an environment where they get loads of attention and have the ability to integrate into your lifestyle. It is unfair to purchase a Bengal Cat with the intent of leaving the Bengal alone for prolonged periods. This can lead to problems with behavior and inappropriate elimination.

What cats do Bengals get along with?

Some cat breeds that bengal cats get along with well are Bombay cats, Oriental cats, Siamese cats, Sphynx cats, Savannah cats, Somali cats, Tonkinese cats, Burmese cats, Ocicat cats, and Abyssinian cats.

Can a Bengal be a lap cat?

This is not really a lap cat; they are simply too busy with stuff and things to want to settle on your lap for long. Although not typically a noisy cat, the Bengal is capable of a loud and strident cry when things are not going their way or they feel they are lacking attention.