do cat calming diffusers work

Research on cat pheromone diffusers is still in its early stages, but there does seem to be evidence that they may help soothe anxious cats and decrease tensions between cats (or even cats and dogs) living in the same household. They’re not a magic cure-all, though.

What Can Dog and Cat Pheromones Really Do?

Numerous aspects of our contemporary way of life are at odds with the innate needs of our pets. In those situations, Dr. According to Tynes, pheromones from dogs and cats can contribute to a feeling of security and wellbeing.

According to Dr., a pet that is afraid or anxious is not in a condition where it can learn or where it is likely to make decisions about its behavior that people would find appealing. Tynes. “Animals that are calm and emotionally stable can learn to behave in socially acceptable ways and can choose to behave in ways that humans might find more appealing.” ”.

Dog and Cat Pheromones Aren’t a Magical Solution

Calming pheromones can be beneficial for a variety of problems in dogs and cats, but they are not a solution for every possible problem or behavioral issue that your pet may be having. For instance, pheromones cannot address underlying medical conditions, according to Dr. Tynes.

Dr. East concurs and notes that pheromones from dogs and cats might not be effective in moderate to severe cases of anxiety. “They can be used in conjunction with other medical treatments your veterinarian recommends and a behavioral modification plan,” Dr. East says. It’s crucial to always talk to your pet’s veterinarian about behavioral issues; in certain circumstances, they might recommend that you see a veterinary behaviorist. More potent prescription anti-anxiety drugs are available for cats.

A Few Things to Keep in Mind

According to Dr., cat and dog pheromones are extremely safe for animals of any age, regardless of their health, and they are safe to use with any other medication that an animal may be receiving because they do not require absorption into the bloodstream or metabolism by the animal to have an effect. Tynes. Dog and cat pheromones, however, shouldn’t be thought of as the panacea for behavioral issues. “Pheromones don’t ‘fail to work,’ but they might just be insufficient on their own to solve an issue entirely,” Dr. Tynes says.

“It will also be necessary to implement an appropriate behavior modification program that includes desensitization, counter-conditioning, and positive reinforcement for appropriate behavior to help the pet overcome its fears or anxiety regarding certain situations,” Dr. Tynes adds.

By: Diana Bocco

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Are calming diffusers good for cats?

Pheromones diffusers, sprays, collars, and other products can help create a calming and soothing environment for your pets and quell bad or anxious behaviors, especially when used in combination with positive reinforcement training.

Do cat diffusers actually work?

In short, cat pheromone collars and diffusers aren’t a magical cure-all for feline stress, but they can be a good place to start, especially since they’re relatively inexpensive. We think cat calming collars and diffusers might be helpful for cats who: Have mild anxiety. Share their home with other cats or dogs.

How long does it take for cat calming diffuser to work?

Many cat owners start to see results for their cat within the first 7 days of use. However, all cats are different. The first signs of improvement may come later depending on the duration and severity of the signs of stress.

How quickly does Feliway work for stressed cats?

A lot of cat owners start to see results within the first 7 days with their cat. However, every cat is unique. Depending on how long the signs have been present and how severe the signs may be, it may take longer to see effects. We recommend using FELIWAY CLASSIC for at least 1 month.