do cats get stressed when owners go on vacation

Holiday time can be a stressful time for your cat. When you go away it disrupts their normal routine and they can become unsettled. There are several options to choose from when it comes to looking after your cat when you go on holiday to help minimise that stress.

Excessive Scratching in Cats

When cats are upset or stressed, they may also start scratching more things in addition to urinating inappropriately. It’s in their nature to scratch; it helps them mark their territory and keep their claws healthy. However, when your cat is under stress, this behavior might worsen and become a problem.

do cats get stressed when owners go on vacation

Hiding Behavior in Cats

Cats are often afraid of new things, and they will hide if they are. Your cat will hide from the pet sitter, from a boarding facility, and even from you when you get home because it is afraid of what might happen.

Changes in Your Cat’s Environment

Cats love routine and thrive on it; in fact, they may become stressed out if anything changes for them. Many things change for cats when their owners go on vacation: they don’t see their owners as much, they eat at different times, get less attention, meet new people, and occasionally stay in new places if they are being boarded.

Your cat may need up to two weeks—or longer in some cases—to get used to a new routine before adjusting. Just take into account the length of time some cats require to acclimate to a new home or to welcome new cats into it. Both of these situations demonstrate how inflexible cats potentially are. A stranger who doesn’t follow the routine, like a pet sitter, also causes stress in your cat’s life. When you return from your vacation and alter your cat’s daily routine once more, they will have gotten used to the new schedule with the pet sitter. Additionally, since your cat hasn’t had time to reapply their cheek-rub markings while you’ve been gone, they no longer recognize your scent. Some cats consequently hide, become defensive, or engage in undesirable behaviors.


Do cats get sad when their owners go on vacation?

Will my cat get sad if I leave for a week? Yes! Studies have shown that cats experience higher levels of physical stress symptoms in the body when they can’t be near their human, and those levels decrease significantly when they are with their human family once again.

Will my cat be upset if I go on vacation?

by Linda Hall and Rita Reimers, Cat Behavior Experts Sadly, cats hate change and do not approve of your absence. Your cat will know you are gone and may become upset.

Do cats get stressed when their owners leave?

Some cats can experience separation anxiety when they have to spend time apart from their owner. The exact reason why this happens is unknown, but researchers know that changes in routine where cats have to spend more time alone can cause them to experience this separation anxiety.

Do cats miss their owners when they go on vacation?

While a feline won’t miss their owner as much as a dog might, your cat can still struggle to adjust whenever you’re away. When you return, your kitty may meow and want to cuddle, or they might be standoffish and ignore you. In both cases, your cat is showing you that they missed you while you were on vacation!