how often should you bathe a persian cat

Eliminate Dirt Accumulation With Monthly Baths

Persian cat grooming includes not only combing but bathing, too. The optimal number of water procedures is once every 3-4 weeks. During the shedding period, bathing can be more frequent so that the coat does not roll into tangles.

Learn Persian Grooming- and steps for a Persian Cat Bath

Grooming Persians: Giving a Persian Cat a Bath and Combing

This is Laura’s Persian cat bath: Once you get the routine down, bathing your Persian cat is a simple task. If your cat has a “greasy coat,” they should probably be bathed once a month; otherwise, every other month will suffice while you’re away. By the way, if you are beginning to mat or knot, you should take a bath.

  • Prepare the area for what you will need- FIRST!
  • Then get your kitty:-)

“Do NOT use hydrogen peroxide, Gold Bond, Oxi-Clean, or toothpaste cleaners to remove tear-stains! These products are not only unsafe for use on animals, but they also make the stain harder to clean up,” is an Anna Tip that can be found throughout our website.

Step 3: Washing Your Kitty

  • I prefer to bathe cats in the sink. Here are the steps I take when bathing my kitties.
  • Pour your favorite shampoo into a sink’s soapy water on one side (like you make up to wash the dishes)
  • After placing the cat in the water sink, use a cup to cover it with water.
  • Instead of directly dousing the cat in shampoo, create a solution by mixing water and shampoo, just like you would for dishwashing. Then pour the soapy water over the cat. Without practice, it is nearly hard to remove undiluted shampoo from a Persian’s fur.
  • Continue doing this until the cat has received enough water to be cleaned.
  • Move Kitty to the rinse water after adding clean water to the other sink.
  • Using a cup, pour clean water over him until you can no longer feel the shampoo on him.
  • Then repeat the rinse cycle back in the other sink.
  • Now for a third and final rinse. After emptying all the water, give the cat a shower with fresh water.
  • Make certain you get the underside rinsed good, too. 🙂

Visit our Grooming Help page or enroll in our free Grooming 101 E-Course for additional grooming advice.

Step 2: Clip Nails

You wouldn’t believe how wise it is to cut your nails before taking a bath rather than after. On the other hand, when the cat’s nails are still soft from the bath, you can trim an experienced pet.

  • Always clip nails short
  • But dont clip into the quick.
  • I recommend you use: Millers Forge Cat Claw Scissor, 3-Inch


Do Persian cats need to be washed?

Most people assume cats do not need baths because they give themselves a bath. But when it comes to the Persian cat, it is very important to bathe your cat often, even if the cat is still a kitten.

How often do Persian cats need to be groomed?

Persian cats have beautiful long hair that requires regular maintenance. They need to be brushed and combed daily, bathed once or twice a month, and have their nails clipped every ten days to two weeks. If you’re giving your cat a complete grooming in one day, it’s important to follow steps in the proper order.

How often do you bathe an indoor cat?

In general, cats should be given a bath once every 4-6 weeks, depending on how often they groom themselves, and the environment they’re usually in. If your cat is more outdoorsy and soils itself while playing, it’s a good idea to help with the grooming process as they alone won’t be able to properly get cleaned.

How do you clean a Persian cat at home?

Part the fur, start on the outer coat and then go to the undercoat. Always brush in the direction of the fur growth. Use the slicker or deShedder to remove all excess fur as you move from the head to the tail. Once done, you can go over your cat’s fur coat with a wide-toothed comb for a smooth finish.