how to draw cat face easy

Things You’ll Need

  • Quality paper/ printer paper
  • Pencil and eraser
  • Marker/Pen
  • Colored crayons, pencils, markers, paints (Optional)

Community Q&ASearch

  • Question How long does it take? Anjali Community Response: A few minutes, if you’re a quick drawer. Coloring it may take a bit longer. It will take longer if you go slowly and add a lot of details, but the result will be better.
  • Question: Do I have to draw the fur? Community Response: Yes, you must draw the fur lines to make the cat look more realistic. If you would prefer a more cartoonish cat, then by all means do not draw them. Try it out and see how it goes; if it doesn’t work out, you can always try again using a different approach.
  • Question How can I make a drawn cat face look realistic? Community Answer Try using shaky strokes rather than straight lines to give your drawing a realistic appearance. Keep in mind that nature isn’t flawless! The most important thing is to persevere and never give up!
  • Develop your own style through practice. Once you’re confident enough to sketch a cat’s face, advance your abilities however you see fit for your level of sketching. Regularly observe cats to learn how their facial features move. If you don’t live with cats in your home or neighborhood, watch videos on the internet. Thanks Helpful 2 Not Helpful 1 .
  • Once you’re more at ease with the fundamentals of drawing, try expressing the cat’s emotions on its face. Try anger, happiness, disappointment, fear, enjoyment, etc. Read a book that demonstrates how a cat expresses each of these emotions to aid you. Thanks Helpful 3 Not Helpful 3 .
  • The instructions are simply a guidance, not a strait jacket. Wherever it suits you, stray to mold the drawing in a unique way. Thanks Helpful 2 Not Helpful 3 .
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