how to get rid of outdoor cat urine smell

Neutralize it!

Then you’re going to want to douse the spot with an enzymatic cleaner or simply make your own cleaning solution by combining (white or apple cider) vinegar and water in a 1:1 ratio. Because the vinegar is acidic, it will neutralize the bacteria in the cat pee, offsetting its odor.

The 5 Ways to Remove Cat Pee Smell Outdoors

how to get rid of outdoor cat urine smell

Required Items A hose connected to a water source
One-Time or Recurring Recurring
Project Difficulty Easy

A simple and efficient method for eliminating cat poop smells outdoors is to use a hose to saturate the affected area. To find the area that has been sprayed or urinated on, first walk around it. Once you believe you have located the source of the smell, turn on your hose and thoroughly wet the area until the smell goes away.

In order to eliminate cat odors that are invisible to the human senses, you should also mist the surrounding areas. Because they are more adept at detecting cat scents than humans are, this will lessen the likelihood that a male cat will visit and spray in the area. To minimize cat odors, use a hose to spray your outdoor spaces once a week.


  • Kadi Dulude House Cleaning Professional Kadi Dulude is a House Cleaning Professional and the Owner of Wizard of Homes, a cleaning business located in New York City. Question How do you get urine smell out of air? With more than ten years of experience, Kadi oversees a group of more than ninety certified cleaning specialists. New York Magazine and Architectural Digest have published her cleaning tips. Expert House Cleaning Kadi Dulude Solution: Arrange bowls of vinegar throughout the space. Use pure white vinegar to clean every surface you can reach while you’re at it. While you’re cleaning, it will smell strongly of vinegar, but as the smell fades, vinegar tends to “take” all unpleasant smells with it.
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What gets rid of cat pee smell outside?

Mix lemon juice with vinegar for a natural solution. In a spray bottle, mix a 1:1 ratio of water and white vinegar. Add 1 tsp (4.9 mL) of lemon juice to remove odor and get rid of the urine smell. Mix the ingredients together, then spritz the urine-infested areas with your mixture once a day.

What will neutralize the smell of cat urine?

Mix white vinegar or apple cider vinegar in water to dilute it (usually 1:1 ratio) and spray the solution on any fabric or floor. Use an old hand towel or paper towel to dab or blot the solution. Repeat this process until the area is mostly dry again.

Will cat urine smell go away?

Does cat urine odour ever go away? If you’ve cleaned the area thoroughly using an enzymatic cleaner, you can successfully get rid of the smell of cat urine permanently. However, on a very hot day the smell may resurface.