how to get the huge chef cat

This is a reward for serving 100,000 customers after 3/31 on My Restaurant.” “If you serve 100,000 customers My Restaurant you will be rewarded with this huge pet”. David stated: “Starting on March 31st, serving 100,000 customers in My Restaurant will award you a Huge Chef Cat in Pet Simulator X!”

Getting Started in My Restaurant!

When you first launch My Restaurant!, a tutorial explaining the fundamentals of the game will walk you through it. The majority of the gameplay in My Restaurant! consists of seating patrons, preparing, serving, and collecting money. You will initially have one order stand, one sink, two stoves, a counter, and two tables. Each of these may be occupied by clients or employees, so in order to continue earning money, you’ll need to finish tasks swiftly.

Hiring waiters and cooks is the tutorial’s most crucial component. While cooks handle the food, waiters will tend to customers and collect money from the tables. Over time, every employee on your team will advance, which will enable them to complete tasks more quickly. Since you won’t have many guests at first, it’s best to have food prepared while you attend to the guests personally. This is why we advise hiring the cook first.

Save, Don’t Spend for the Huge Chef Cat

The temptation to splash out cash on themed furnishings and décor for your restaurant can be strong. However, costly chairs and décor like lights and plants won’t increase the number of patrons that come into your restaurant. Using the Cheap Chair and Cheap Table, the two least expensive items in the game, in your restaurant is acceptable. These don’t have to break the bank to accommodate the same number of patrons.

This rule does not apply to the tables and chairs that draw Special Customers—we’ll discuss those later. But these things are pricey and won’t be within reach for a while. For the time being, concentrate on packing your restaurant to increase revenue.

Buying Floors to Get the Huge Chef Cat

Players can have up to ten floors for their restaurants in My Restaurant! The rate at which customers spawn in your restaurant rises with each floor you buy. Customers can take up to eighteen seconds to arrive on the first floor, but they will show up in two seconds on the tenth. As soon as you can, you should purchase more floors in order to obtain the Huge Chef Cat. Just having the floor will encourage people to spawn more frequently; you don’t even need to immediately stock them with furniture.

You can use the green teleporter in the back corner to go to any floor of your restaurant. As an alternative, you can select “Floors” from the menu at the bottom of the screen.

In My Restaurant!, patrons pay on the table as they depart, just like in real life. But your servers won’t always give these priority, so there may be unclaimed money laying around your restaurant. To ensure you have as much cash on hand as possible and to free up your waiters to attend to customers, make sure to pick these up as soon as you see them.

As your restaurant expands and draws more patrons, you’ll become aware of how much your appliances—such as the sink and stove—are impeding you. Investing your money to replace these with better products, like the Stainless Stove, is a wise choice. This will speed up work for your cooks and waitstaff, bringing in more patrons to your restaurant.

This is particularly valid for dishwashers, which are sinks’ improved equivalents. The Better Dishwasher cleans dishes much more quickly than the Double Sink, even though the latter can hold more dishes. Quick dishwashing will eliminate the need for additional space. You ought to purchase a dishwasher if you have the money to do so.


How do I get a merch code for PSX?

Merch Codes are codes which are included with plushies and toys purchased from the BIG Games Shop and other participating retailers. Codes cannot be re-used once they have been redeemed. It was possible to redeem merch codes in the game until the 1st of December 2023.

How do you get the huge cat in pet simulator 99?

The Huge Exquisite Cat is an Exclusive pet in Pet Simulator 99. It can be obtained from the Season 2 DLC Gifts. it was originally introduced in Pet Simulator X.

How do you get huge pets in pet simulator?

Huge Pets are some of the rarest and most expensive pets in the game alongside the titanic pets, with them being obtained through real money, Robux, and from eggs or free gifts. The stats of all are represented with three question marks (except for the glitched version of the Huge Pumpkin Cat).