is black cat a villain

Felicia Hardy is one of the greatest thieves in the Marvel Universe, a talent that she inherited from her infamous father. In her costumed career, she’s been both hero and villain, but no matter what part she plays, valuables are sure to go missing.

Marvel Mangaverse edit Marvel Mangaverse Black Cat. Art by Tommy Ohtsuka.

In the Marvel Mangaverse continuity, Felicia Hardy has a different identity. She is cybernetically enhanced. She was first a straightforward thief who took a cursed magical amulet for money. However, Matt Murdock, the Devil Hunter, saw her theft and cut her in half. Using cybernetics, the Kingpin of Crime rebuilt her body, adding a shut-down mechanism that he intended to activate if she disobeyed him. He said he had permanently disabled the mechanism after she finished her mission for the Kingpin, but it’s unclear if he meant what he said. She is still Spider-Man’s former flame, but in the New Mangaverse narrative (where Spider-Man rejected her in favor of Mary Jane Watson), she is attempting to move on and is now displaying romantic feelings for Wolverine. However, by the conclusion of the story arc, it becomes evident that she has ulterior motives because she is later spotted with Nick Fury. [volume & issue needed].

Other versions edit

In the House of M reality, a different Felicia Hardy appears. She is the Black Cat, appearing as such because the Kingpin gave her abilities. [172] She is one of the Kingpin’s most skilled assassins, along with Elektra, Bullseye, Gladiator, and Typhoid Mary. Nevertheless, she works as a double agent for Luke Cages Avengers, providing them with information whenever she can. [174] Realizing this, the Kingpin has Elektra and Bullseye beat her while he hurls her out of a window. After surviving, she informs Luke that the Wolfpack and the Dragons have also been set up. [Television volume She takes part in the final battle at Genosha. [175].

Marvel NOW! edit

Later, Felicia received a call from her friend Misty Knight to join the Fearless Defenders in their battle against the so-called Doom Maidens alongside other female superheroes like Storm, Tigra, Hellcat, and Valkyrie as part of the Marvel NOW! event. [60].

Heading for another date with his girlfriend Anna Maria Marconi, Superior Spider-Man (Doctor Octopus mind in Peter Parker’s body) swings in his patrol only to run into the Black Cat, who was robbing a store. Felicia tries to flirt, but all of a sudden Superior Spider-Man attacks, punching her in the face and knocking out a tooth. Superior Spider-Man keeps up the attack, remembering how he had attempted to kill her before and was now only catching her as a criminal. Felicia is completely taken aback and furious, vowing retaliation as Superior Spider-Man covers her in webbing. [61] The Black Cats capture is captured in real time for public viewing. Her criminal contacts distance themselves from her as a result, and her pilfered goods are returned to their rightful owners. This public humiliation hardens her to the core. [62].

Black Cat escapes at the start of the new Amazing Spider-Man series when Electro orchestrates a break-out at the prison where she was being held, after the conclusion of The Superior Spider-Man comics returns the true Spider-Man. [62] Wanting to prove herself to Spider-Man, she attacks him as he tries to escape a burning building. Since he can’t afford to waste time saving civilians, Spider-Man has to pretend to be Doctor Octopus in order to drive her away. Felicia then contacts Electro and proposes that they work together to get revenge on Spider-Man. [63] Black Cat is working at Parker Industries, cataloging all the technology they are currently manufacturing. Nevertheless, she chooses to steal someone who does understand them because she doesn’t. Sajani promises to make Peter realize how he handles everything without her assistance because she has had enough of Peter’s frequent disappearances. Black Cat then yanks her away while praising her timing. [64] Later, Black Cat and Electro raid Eels’ hideout, enabling Electro to vanquish him. Later, Black Cat and Electro show up at a meeting between Mister Negative and Phil Urich, the self-proclaimed Goblin King who is now leading the remaining Goblin Underground, and they toss Eels body in between them. Black Cat tells Mister Negative and Phil Urich that she wants to be part of their plan because she heard about how Spider-Man exposed them. Black Cat shows up during Peter’s interview on the Fact Channel, threatening to kill him if Spider-Man does not show up in fifteen minutes. Electro attacks the channel’s security team. Black Cat is adamant that Spider-Man will appear despite Electro’s complaints about the plan. However, Silk shows up to confront them both, giving Peter the opportunity to transform into Spider-Man and take immediate action, identifying Silk. While she struggles with Electro and Spider-Man handles Black Cat, J Jonah Jameson doesn’t leave the channel, so the cameraman has to record the action. Spider-Man tries to talk Black Cat out of it, but she doesn’t buy his claim that he was mind-swiped. When Black Cat veers off course, one of Electro’s bolts hits Spider-Man, knocking him to the ground. While Jameson aims the camera, Black Cat tries to reveal Spider-Man[65], but Jameson’s angle keeps people from seeing Spider-Man’s face long enough for Silk to push Black Cat back and Spider-Man to replace his mask. Black Cat persists in her hatred of Spider-Man regardless of the person wearing the mask, even though Electro concedes defeat when his unbridled abilities endanger even him. The criminals at the Bar with No Name want Black Cat to take charge of them after Electros was depowered. [66].

The Superior Foes of Spider-Man’s last issue reveals that Boomerang’s true love interest was Black Cat, who had assumed a false identity to trick Boomerang and his Sinister Six into assisting her in obtaining an invaluable portrait of Doctor Doom without a mask. [67] The individual then makes an appearance as Hawkeye vs. In Deadpool, it is revealed that she infiltrated New York’s legal and law enforcement systems using an associate’s expertise in mind control, assembling an army of “drones” from the patients and staff of Brooklyn Psychiatric When a hacker with access to a list of every S H. I. E. L. D. agents—whom Black Cat also plans to indoctrinate—betray her, so Felicia—against Deadpool, Hawkeye, and Kate Bishop—hires Typhoid Mary to assist her in obtaining the USB flash drive holding the list. Black Cat kills the mind control specialist when she is surrounded by the three and the police, then makes her getaway by taking the role of her arresting officer, a sleeper agent. [68].

Melter and Killer Shrike lead Ringer to the rear chamber of the Slide-Away Casino, where Black Cat is waiting. Black Cat asks him how she is supposed to do that when people like him do not pay her weekly cut as she displays various items to him and informs him that even she cannot always steal everything and that she occasionally has to pay for them. Ringer explains to her that he was held prisoner by Silk, owed the Spot for rescuing him, and had to pay the Tinkerer for new equipment, which is why he didn’t pay. Additionally, he informs Black Cat that they have previously collaborated on projects together, recalling her kindness, and begs for empathy. Black Cat allows the Ringer to attack her and strike her in the arm before she takes him out because she hesitates for too long. Black Cat threatens Ringer, saying he will make three cuts and set an example by getting beat up by Melter and Killer Shrike. Black Cat is taken aback that Ringer could tag her because she is usually luckier. She questions whether it was fate that brought her current identity to mind and tries her luck on a casino machine, winning. Black Cat has noticed that her luck has been off the charts lately, and that the more she pays attention to the part of her that says she shouldn’t let anyone put her down, the better. She recalls her life in the affluent class prior to losing everything. Black Cat tells Ringer, who is brought in by Melter and Killer Shriek, to spread the word that nobody takes from her. [69] Felicia Hardy displays a painting at a private gathering two years prior. Today, at a museum, Felicia’s painting is displayed by Regina Venderkamp, the woman who purchased every item seized from the Black Cat at auction. But the painting vanishes and the lights briefly go out. Regina is furious when her bodyguards arrive at her apartment and discover that all of her valuables have disappeared. In spite of a bodyguard’s objections because Black Cat might still be there, she goes upstairs to make sure she took everything there. Then Black Cat shows up and informs Regina that she must learn that no one can take from Black Cat without paying before she can depart. Regina gives the order for her bodyguards to charge, but Black Cat eliminates them right away. She muses that she may have been holding back previously and that her bad luck charms seem to work best when she is brutal. Regina faints as Black Cat thrusts one of her claws into her neck. A few hours later, Regina awakens at Black Cats’ hideout with her hands bound to a chair. Black Cat considers nearly every object that was seized and the ones she was able to recover, with the exception of one. In J. Jonah Jameson Sr. and Aunt May’s apartment, they think back on the one thing they bought at the auction, the last item, and head to the TV without realizing that the Black Cat is going to take it back. [70] Black Cat puts the statue with the rest of her belongings after Spider-Man battles Ghost at Parker Industries, having Aunt May, J Jonah Jameson Sr. , and Regina Venderkamp tied up. Jay questions her about why she took them since she doesn’t need the money and they didn’t harm her. Felicia tells Jay that he is mistaken as they purchase items from the auction that she has been collecting for years, and she proceeds to pour gasoline all over her apartment. She informs him that’s the issue with belongings: they can break, disappear, or be taken. And until you show them incorrectly, everyone believes they can take what is rightfully yours when that occurs. Before lighting the apartment on fire, she declares that nothing and no one will have that hold over him. Peter asks Felicia for assistance, and May alerts Spider-Man that the Black Cat is still inside. She makes her point—that the more people who know, the better—and tells him to save them if he so chooses. Parker tries to talk her out of this, but she tells him that this isn’t the Felicia he knew and that she is done being the person that other people want her to be. She assures her that she is in charge of her destiny and that those who oppose her will likewise perish. Spider-Man manages to save Aunt May, J. Jonah Jameson Sr. , and Regina yells at him for not saving her belongings before May calms her down and tells her that Spider-Man is aware that people matter more than things. Black Cat informs her men at the Slide-A-Way Casino that they have witnessed what occurs when they stay on her good side and what happens when they cross her. But going forward, nothing can stop her and her potential is boundless. [71].


Is Black Cat a anti hero or villain?

Black Cat (real name Felicia Sara Hardy) is a fictional character and an anti-superheroine from Marvel Comics, appearing as a supporting character in the Spider-Man comics and the main protagonist of her titular comics. She occasionally acts as a love interest, enemy and ally to Spider-Man.

Is Black Cat a good guy?

Flushing, New York, U.S. The character was originally depicted as a supervillain and adversary of Spider-Man, but over time the two fell in love, which motivated her into becoming both an antiheroine, and his partner.

Does Black Cat become good?

The Black Cat eventually moved past her feelings of anger and jealousy, and became friends with both Spider-Man and Mary Jane. After Spider-Man used a device to remove his superhuman abilities, the Black Cat aided him in finding the device again in order to restore them.

Is Black Cat in love with Spider-Man?

To her, the life of a costumed thrill-seeker was everything. There was no other half. She made Peter put the mask back on and leave it on as often as possible. From then on, the Black Cat rejected and was hostile towards Parker, while remaining in love with Spider-Man.