is black cat in spider man 2

In Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, Black Cat is among the costumed characters that Kraven and his hunters are targeting when they come to New York as the ultimate big game challenge.

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2[]

In New York City, Felicia was one of Kraven the Hunter’s targets. Miles Morales was sent by Peter in “Make Your Own Choices” to warn Mary Jane Watson that he shouldn’t trust her. Miles discovered that even though she had taken a gadget from the Sanctum Santorum, the hunters had already located her. Felicia informed Miles that she was planning to use it to locate her girlfriend in Paris and regretted that Peter had not made the trip himself. After she successfully understood the device and, with Miles’ assistance, created a portal to Paris, he pursued her as she made portals throughout the city and ultimately assisted her in fending off the hunters attacking her. [16] Later, even though Peter could not be bothered to show up, Felicia contacted Miles and Peter to warn them about Tombstone’s location in Williamsburg and thanked both of them for their assistance. Felicia interrupted Peter before he could clarify, saying that they had both moved on. [17].

Behind the scenes[]

The teams behind Marvel Games and Insomniac Games set out to reimagine Black Cat for Marvels Spider-Man with an authentic, instantly recognizable, yet unique aesthetic. In order to portray Black Cat as someone who owns and purposefully uses her beauty, the designers of her cat thief suit decided to create an attractive yet practical piece of clothing that she could wear around the city. Designers opted for a more utilitarian material for the white fur elements of her comic book suit; instead of fur on her boots and gloves, she has functional shin guards and gauntlets. [18].

A lot of Black Cat’s personality could be seen in the animation: instead of walking, she gracefully and athletically flips, rappels, leaps, and kicks. Because of her long ponytail, the game’s physics system was unsure of how it should behave, making the animation of her ponytail particularly challenging. Animators had to hand-animate it in numerous cinematics. [18].

Marvel’s Spider-Man[]

In exchange for Black Cat stealing flash drives containing financial information about the other Maggia families[e] so that Hammerhead, the Maggia boss, could use them to exert power over the other dons[8], she actually intended to take their wealth for herself and give him fake drives. [9] Black Cat had to break into the police evidence lockup in order to get the tools she needed for the job, so she stole $50,000,000,000 worth of goods[10][7] and placed a number of cat dolls close to the places where she had robbed rich people, including Wall Street associates and attorneys. [10].

Black Cat begged Spider-Man to try and find her in “Stakeout,” saying she was trying to steal $50,000,000 but that if he found her first, she would return it all and go straight. Black Cat called Spider-Man from an unknown number. In reality, Black Cats wanted to divert Spider-Man by taking him to their Freedom Tunnel base and arranging for him to deliver the dolls to Captain Yuri Watanabe of the police so that, once they were all in the evidence lockup, they could connect and strengthen their signal, turning off the alarms. Spider-Man in “Cats Cradle” fell for this trick, allowing Black Cat to steal her belongings covertly. She left a recording and a costume for Spider-Man, who surmised that if she had stolen $50,000,000 for her gear alone, she must have had bigger plans. [7].


How many times is Black Cat in Spider-Man 2?

Black Cat appeared only momentarily in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, though it was perhaps one of the game’s most memorable moments. If it was ever in question how successful and elusive Black Cat is as a thief, her being able to steal the Wand of Watoomb from the Sanctum Sanctorum is enough evidence to provide clarity.

Is Spider cat in Spider-Man 2?

Is Bodega Cat in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2? Insomniac Games Bodega Cat Suit is available once again in Spider-Man 2. Yes, the Bodega Cat named Spider-Man appears in the most recent Insomniac game. Teo’s cat donning a Spider-Man mask is carried in Miles’ backpack as part of the Bodega Cat Suit that Miles wears.

Is Black Cat in any Spider-Man movies?

Black Cat is Unlike Spider-Man’s Other Loves Despite this, she has never appeared in live-action, though not for lack of filmmakers trying. Anne Hathaway signed on to play Felicia in Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man 4, but the project never came to fruition.

Is Felicia’s son Peters?

Biography. In the alternate reality, Peter, aka Spider-Man and Felicia, aka Black Cat were married. They then give birth to his son, Felix Parker as well. In several years prior, Peter and Felicia trained their young son in crime-fighting actions.