is black cat in spiderman 2

In Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, Black Cat is among the costumed characters that Kraven and his hunters are targeting when they come to New York as the ultimate big game challenge.


Felicia Hardy has white-platinum blonde hair and blue eyes. At 510″ tall and 150 pounds in weight,[2] she has a pear-shaped body that accentuates her inherent curves. She is wearing a black suit with white accents and black goggles as part of her Black Cat ensemble. Her costume’s gloves retract into tiny claws at her fingertips.

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2[]

In New York City, Felicia was one of Kraven the Hunter’s targets. Miles Morales was sent by Peter in “Make Your Own Choices” to warn Mary Jane Watson that he shouldn’t trust her. Miles discovered that even though she had taken a gadget from the Sanctum Santorum, the hunters had already located her. Felicia informed Miles that she was planning to use it to locate her girlfriend in Paris and regretted that Peter had not made the trip himself. After she successfully understood the device and, with Miles’ assistance, created a portal to Paris, he pursued her as she made portals throughout the city and ultimately assisted her in fending off the hunters attacking her. [16] Later, even though Peter could not be bothered to show up, Felicia contacted Miles and Peter to warn them about Tombstone’s location in Williamsburg and thanked both of them for their assistance. Felicia interrupted Peter before he could clarify, saying that they had both moved on. [17].

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Black Cat is a flirtatious and playful character who prioritizes living a lavish life of crime throughout her appearances. She became a jaded, cynical, and self-centered woman as a result of trauma and loss, and she initially turned to theft as a way to rebel against the world. Her transformation into a more heroic figure was facilitated by Spider-Man’s positive influence, which gave her the confidence to help others and trust once more and forced her to act morally when necessary. Felicia and Peter maintained a close friendship despite their brief romance, with occasional flashes of passion returning.

Black Cat has been featured consistently throughout Spider-Man adaptations; most notably in the 1994 animated series, where Felicia was a long-standing flame of Peter before gaining powers from a super-soldier serum, and The Spectacular Spider-Man, as a mysterious thief who helped Spider-Man with ulterior motives. Felicia is regularly portrayed as a galvanic paramour who appeals to Peters costumed alter-ego, often contrasting his other, more grounded love interests.


How many times is Black Cat in Spider-Man 2?

Black Cat appeared only momentarily in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, though it was perhaps one of the game’s most memorable moments. If it was ever in question how successful and elusive Black Cat is as a thief, her being able to steal the Wand of Watoomb from the Sanctum Sanctorum is enough evidence to provide clarity.

Who is Black Cat girlfriend Spider-Man 2?

As to who her girlfriend is, a name is never revealed, so technically, it could be anyone. This isn’t the only LGBTQ+ representation to be found in Spider-Man 2, however. There’s the LGBTQ+ mural in the city, with flags depicting various sexualities and gender identities.

Who plays Black Cat in Spider-Man 2?

Spider-Man 2 (Video Game 2023) – Erica Lindbeck as Black Cat, Felicia Hardy – IMDb.

Is Spider Cat in Spider-Man 2?

Is Bodega Cat in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2? Insomniac Games Bodega Cat Suit is available once again in Spider-Man 2. Yes, the Bodega Cat named Spider-Man appears in the most recent Insomniac game. Teo’s cat donning a Spider-Man mask is carried in Miles’ backpack as part of the Bodega Cat Suit that Miles wears.