is black cat’s son spidermans

In the alternate reality, Peter, aka Spider-Man and Felicia, aka Black Cat were married. They then give birth to his son, Felix Parker as well. In several years prior, Peter and Felicia trained their young son in crime-fighting actions.


Felicia was born in 1994 in Flushing, New York,[2]. [b] She is the sole child of Walter Hardy, the original Black Cat, a former cat burglar who staged his death in 1998[c] to keep the Maggia crime families from pursuing her after he declined to work for them. [4].

Against her father’s wishes, Felicia chose to carry on her father’s legacy as an adult, taking on the Black Cat moniker and upgrading his equipment. As Black Cat, she made the decision to only rob wealthy people or those who, in her opinion, deserved it. [4].

She met Spider-Man at an unspecified time, and the two started dating. [5][d] Black Cat gave up her criminal ways during this time, and Spider-Man tried to teach her how to be a “good guy.” Although they showed promise at first, their partnership ended when he discovered that Black Cat was stealing from some of the criminals they had taken out, which he verified after discovering the pilfered goods at her home. [4] As of Marvel’s Spider-Man, the cops had locked up Black Cat’s equipment and suit in an evidence locker. [6].

Character development[]

Insomniac stayed true to Felicia Hardy’s comic book persona in order to highlight all the things that Marvel fans adored about her. Their goal was to give the character a unique interpretation that would allow fans to see her from a different angle and understand her significance to Peter Parker’s life. [18].

Felicia Hardy was portrayed by veteran voice actress Erica Lindbeck. She was ideal for the role, according to Insomniac Games, as she helped the company realize its goal of updating the iconic Marvel Comics characters while maintaining their unique appearance and personality. [28].

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The relationship between Peter and Mary Jane was a major theme in Marvel’s Spider-Man main campaign. They were ex-couples at the beginning of the main story, but they managed to work through their difficult friendship and reunite as a couple.

When the next story chapter is released in November, we’ll have to see what happens to her.

There’s a reason The Heists ending is referred to as the first part of the three-part “The City That Never Sleeps” story, even though it can be viewed as self-contained. We explain everything in The Heists ending for those who were perplexed by any of it or who need some background information.

When the credits have rolled, Mary Jane and Peter are having a conversation about what happened with Black Cat while seated in their favorite diner. It turns out that she was pretending to be Spider-Man the entire time and doesn’t really have a son. Mary Jane inquires as to whether Peter felt relieved not to have a child because he is depressed over what happened to Felicia (more on that later). MJ assures Pete that he would make a wonderful father, but he says he’s not ready for that. in the right time. Parker responds, “with the right person,” and the two exchange smiles.


How is Black Cat related to Spider-Man?

Throughout her history, Black Cat has sometimes been an enemy, love interest, and an ally of the superhero Spider-Man. Felicia Hardy / Black Cat.

Is Black Cat Spider-Man’s ex?

Black Cat Dumps Spider-Man Because Their Relationship Is… Too Healthy? While their relationship ends amicably, with both going their separate ways while still acknowledging the love they have for each other, the breakup is still 100% prompted by Felicia.

Who are the parents of the Black Cat in Spider-Man?

Black Cat’s parents are Walter Hardy (father, deceased) and Lydia Hardy (mother). She also has a niece named Lou (presumably Louise) and was once bonded with the symbiote Mania.

Does Black Cat know Peter’s identity?

Black Cat was excited by Spider-Man’s dangerous life, and they started a relationship without her knowing who Spider-Man really was. The Black Cat was severely injured after a fight with Dr. Octopus. Realizing how much Black Cat meant to him, Spider-Man decided to reveal his identity to her.