is cat tv good for cats

What TVs do cats like?

While we don’t advise you to shop for your next TV with your cat in tow, cats do have certain preferences when it comes to screens. And of course, it’s the newer ones they like best. Obviously.

Cat parents will nod in agreement knowing that their kitties have preferences for the best things in life, but there’s a good reason for that. The refresh rate of more recent TVs is higher, meaning that images change more quickly. Cats prefer this because it’s closer to real life.

So, splurge on that brand new TV. Just tell yourself (or your partner) it’s for the cat.

is cat tv good for cats

Favourite cat TV shows

Your cat might cuddle up to you and endure your Saturday series binge, but they wouldn’t watch them by choice. Nope, they’re just humouring you. In fact, studies show cats have their own favourite TV shows.

Unsurprisingly, the shows cats like best tend to be nature-related. But not of the big cat or polar bear variety. They like watching small animals on TV, such as fish, birds, and rodents. In essence, they adore cat TV if it satisfies their prey drive. Regardless of whether they’re good hunters or not.

It’s similar to how, despite never having read a law textbook, we adore watching those slick criminal lawyer shows. Or how we criticize Sam Low’s seafood dessert even though we burned our omelette this morning.

If you’re lucky and you especially like documentaries about nature, you and your pet cat may have some TV shows that you both like to watch. However, if you’re not that into the whole natural world, don’t worry; your cat will still watch TV with you for the purpose of spending quality time together. They do make some compromises, after all.

For sheer cuteness, watch this video of a cat watching TV:

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My girlfriend recently introduced me to Cat TV, which consists of videos of squirrels and birds perched on bird feeders for cats to watch. After she turned it on, our cat immediately leaped up and settled down in front of the television, where he spent almost thirty minutes watching.

Online users claim it’s beneficial for their instincts and mental health, particularly if they don’t get to go outside. However, other people we spoke with claimed we’re torturing our cat by exposing him to birds he can never catch. Sooo is it good for them or cruel? Archived post. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast.


Is it healthy for cats to watch cat TV?

Watching cat TV can keep them occupied for some time, giving both humans and cats some relief. TV isn’t damaging for cats’ eyes, so there are no concerns there. The biggest danger is probably them damaging your laptop or TV.

Should I leave cat TV on for my cat?

Leaving a TV or a radio on at low volume can be comforting to some cats since humans are relatively noisy creatures and the sounds can make it feel like you’ve never left. Remember to keep it on low, however, since cats can pick up noise easier than humans, and too much loud noise can cause more stress.

Are cat sensory videos good for cats?

Cat TV can alleviate boredom for some cats, and some cat owners will play a cat TV video while they’re away so that their cats have something to do during their home alone time. Cat TV isn’t harmful to a cat’s eyes, so if your cat seems intrigued by these types of videos, there’s no harm in playing them.

Is it bad for cats to sit close to the TV?

If there’s a lack of cat toys or fun spots to perch, cats may turn to TV out of recourse. What’s the good news? Orlando says that sitting too close to the TV won’t hurt your pet’s eyes. As for what TV to watch with your cat – nature shows are a good bet.