is catnip good for cats in heat

Try Catnip

Cats on heat are drawn to catnip, which may calm them down. If you’re not sure how much catnip to use, start by spraying a little bit around your home and see if it helps. If it doesn’t seem like enough, then increase the amount gradually.

Is Catnip a Sedative or a Stimulant?

You probably care far more about the possible calming effects of catnip if your cat is in heat. Usually, when someone is exposed to catnip, they will exhibit certain behaviors, such as licking and chewing the plant, rubbing their face and head against it, vocalizing, and rolling around on the ground. The substance attaches itself to brain receptors that are in charge of sending signals linked to relaxation and pleasure. If a cat is in heat, pet parents will probably want to get this response from them.

Certain experts categorize responses to catnip into two categories: active and passive. This means that when exposed to nepetalactone, some cats may not react as expected and instead exhibit decreased movement or vocalization. Nepetalactone has been associated with an increase in aggressive behaviors, according to some anecdotal reports. If your cat has ever acted strangely after sniffing a particular plant, it’s possible that the plant contains nepetalactone.

is catnip good for cats in heat

How to Tell if a Cat Is in Heat

When a cat enters a heat cycle their behavior changes. Their desire to find a male partner and become pregnant is ingrained in them. They start to seek out physical contact and become more affectionate. They may even become demanding as the heat cycle intensifies, rubbing themselves against furniture or people nonstop in an attempt to get attention. Or they may roll around on the floor a lot. They frequently assume a mating position when you stroke their back or spine, lifting their rear end into the air and using their back legs to tread.

In order to alert other cats to their presence, female cats mark their territory during this time by sprinkling hormone- and pheromone-laced urine on household surfaces. The most obvious indicator, though, is when female cats start to become very talkative and meow a lot to let any nearby male cats know that they are available and in heat. They can also use their back legs to tread the ground and raise their hindquarters into the air. Owners find these behavioral shifts annoying, and occasionally they mistakenly believe their cat is suffering from a strange illness.

is catnip good for cats in heat

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A cat in heat can be pacified by being kept indoors and away from male cats who could scare her or try to mate with her. After that, give her a warm blanket or heating pad to lie on in her bed to keep her cozy and relaxed. To prevent her from spraying inside your house, make sure her litter box is kept clean. If she does spray inside, make sure the area is completely cleaned to remove any remaining smells. Pet, scratch, or brush her frequently. If you find that giving her catnip helps to calm her down when she’s not in heat, do so. Continue reading to find out more about herbal and natural remedies from our veterinarian co-author!


Is being in heat painful for cats?

She will try hard to find a male cat, and male cats will be equally keen to reach her. Unlike dogs, it’s very unusual to see a cat bleed when she is on heat. Being on heat isn’t painful but it can make your cat feel a little unsettled, uncomfortable, and ‘under the weather’.