is distilled water good for cats

Distilled Water in an Emergency

A tiny amount won’t hurt your cat in the short term if you have no other choice than to give them distilled water to drink.

It’s possible to come across information online indicating that drinking distilled water is safe for both humans and cats. However, you’ll discover that these sources are nearly invariably from businesses that manufacture their own distilled water. There is no scientific proof of the precise effects it will have on a cat’s system, and a variety of factors are probably going to influence it.

is distilled water good for cats

Distillation eliminates all of the minerals from water, even the beneficial ones. To replenish the lost minerals in distilled water, mineral drops can be purchased.

A few websites that we came across support giving cats distilled water that has been remineralized, but we’re not sure why this would be beneficial. Using filtered tap water or premium bottled water will provide the same ratio of healthy minerals in your water.

Encouraging Your Cat to Drink More Water

There are much better options available if you’ve been thinking about giving your cat distilled water to encourage them to drink more. Installing a water fountain is a good way to encourage cats to drink more water because they enjoy drinking from moving water sources.

Because they don’t have a strong thirst drive, cats can obtain most of the water they need from their diet in the wild. If your cat is a dry food only eater, think about introducing some wet food to their diet. The higher moisture-rich food, too. The higher moisture content will help hydrate your cat.

Consider getting a filter to remove some of the minerals and particles that your cat might find unpleasant if they don’t seem to enjoy the taste of your tap water.

Distilled Water for Fish

For fish or amphibious pets, distilled water is the ideal beginning water; however, depending on the kind of fish you have, you may need to oxygenate and balance it first. Fish owners are aware that maintaining the health of their fish requires some knowledge of water chemistry. Furthermore, certain varieties of fish or corals are more delicate than others. For coral to grow, water must have precisely the correct amounts of calcium, phosphate, salinity, alkalinity, pH, magnesium, and ammonia.

When it comes to fish, using distilled water is like starting over. There’s no need to be concerned about potential contaminants or poisons in tap water, such as bacteria, nitrates, lead, fluoride, or chlorine. No need to purchase gallons of bottled filtered water. This makes it simpler to top up and add the proper amount of minerals or to balance the pH of your water when you start with distilled water. Please be advised that placing fish straight into recently distilled water is not advised. The water needs to be oxygenated either with a pump or by shaking it up without any fish in it before adding it to the fish bowl.