is doja cat in house party

Keep the wild and crazy party going with House Party’s first-ever expansion pack — featuring award-winning music star Doja Cat!

Today (Sept. 30), Doja Cat revealed that she would be working with Eek! Games on their DLC Expansion Pack for House Party. Fans can virtually play alongside the Grammy Award–winning star in a dark comedy adventure game that draws inspiration from vintage 1990s comedies. But, the fun doesn’t end there. Every decision players make influences the game’s storyline.

To what extent is your persona true to who you are? Is this Doja Cat, or is this Doja Cat playing an NPC (non-player character)? This is me. You get to meet me, Amala, the girl next door, in addition to partying with me, Doja Cat, the performer. But, it’s not like I’m some dissociative character. It’s all just me. Eek! Games created my digital persona based on pictures and videos of me wearing actual clothes, and I co-wrote my own narrative and voiced my own lines.

I love that. Which aspect of creating the game did you enjoy the most? It was fascinating to observe the behind-the-scenes work, including the various stages taken to bring my character to life and the evaluation of all the story concepts and artwork as it was received. But the voice acting was, I must admit, the best feature. I had a lot of lines where I could just go with the flow. Living inside this narrative was an amazing experience.

Doja made her debut in 2018 with her widely popular song “Mooo!” The humorous song had catchy vocals and astute bars. The incredibly inventive performer gave fans a preview of what was to come with both the lyrics and the animation. She has since kept fans amazed with hit after hit. But now, she’s taking a dive into the gaming world.

The Doja Cat Expansion Pack for House Party comes with two character models, one of which is Doja Cat. The voice of both character models in the narrative is provided by the real-life singer Doja Cat. When Doja first appears in the narrative, she is Amala, attempting to sneak into Madison’s party. Play That Good Shit is over, and Amala makes her way back to the celebration as Doja Cat to perform her song “Kiss Me More” live. “.


Where is Doja Cat House located?

The Doja Cat house is a beautiful bohemian residence located in Beverly Hills, California. This blog will give you a sneak peek into her house and her lifestyle. On October 21, 1995, a very creative family gave birth to Amala Dlamini in the Tarzana section of Los Angeles, well-known in her field as Doja Cat.

Does Doja Cat own a house?

Doja Cat’s home in Beverly Hills, California worth $2.5 million!

Who is Doja Cat related to?

Doja Cat, whose real name is Amala Ratna Zandile Dlamini, was born to Deborah Sawyer and Dumisani Dlamini after the couple had a brief relationship, per Capital Xtra. Her brother is Raman Dalithando Dlamini.