is dried lavender safe for cats

Like the plant, dried lavender can mildly irritate the GI tract if your cat eats a small amount and may be toxic if your cat eats a lot. Be sure to keep dried lavender out of your cat’s reach, including fragrance sachets that you might use to freshen up your home.

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We all want the best for our furry little friends as cat owners. We want them to be happy, healthy, and relaxed. We constantly search for products that can help calm our cats and provide them with the comfort they deserve because of this. It turns out that cats can also benefit from lavender, which has been used for centuries to promote relaxation and reduce stress and anxiety in humans. But before applying lavender to cats, there are a few things to take into account. When cats consume large or concentrated amounts of the compounds linalyl acetate and linalool found in lavender, they may become ill. For this reason, we at Meowijuana only use a small amount of dried lavender in our blends. Our blends contain a small amount of dried lavender, which can improve sleep quality and lessen anxiety in your cat. It’s crucial to remember that essential oils are more toxic to cats than dried lavender because they are more concentrated and contain higher concentrations of linalool and linalyl acetate. The principle that the dose makes it toxic is paramount. It implies that all substances, whether created by humans or found naturally, have the potential to be harmful in certain amounts. Even though catnip can induce vomiting and diarrhea in cats, the ASPCA classifies it as toxic to cats—but only if they consume a significant quantity of it. Although a small amount of lavender can help with stress, anxiety, and depression and is generally safe, it’s important to use it sparingly and watch your cat’s reaction. Mice Dreams might be the answer to your cat’s problems with stress and relaxation. Its all-natural components, which include a small quantity of dried lavender, can enhance your cat’s appetite, mood, and sleep. Just be careful to introduce it gradually and observe your cat’s reaction. Share Link.

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A massage with essential lavender oils may soothe your anxiety, beat away your blues, and improve the quality of your sleep. But is it safe to have lavender oil and lavender flowers around your cat?

Lavender is mildly toxic to cats, so be cautious when using it around your BFF.

We spoke with Amber LaRock, a licensed vet tech and animal welfare expert at Pet Worshiper, to find out what types of lavender are safest for your cat.

is dried lavender safe for cats

Lavender is a flowering subshrub with violet-blue flowers and bluish-green to silver needles. Native to the Mediterranean region, lavender thrives in the blazing sun and dry sandy soils. Lavender grows 12-36 inches (30.48-91.44 centimeters) tall and wide. According to the University of California, lavender can live for 5-7 years.

Related to the mint family, lavender includes 39 different species with 450 varieties. The most common types of lavender are: English lavender, French lavender, and woolly lavender.

Are lavender-scented products safe for cats?

is dried lavender safe for cats

Lavender-scented products are safe for cats. “Not all lavender products are created equal, and some may be more potent than others,” LaRock says. Err on the side of caution. Talk to your vet before using any new lavender products — especially if your cat has a history of allergies or sensitivities.


Is it safe to diffuse lavender around cats?

It’s best to avoid diffusing essential oils around dogs and cats. In addition to inhalation exposure to potentially toxic essential oils, microdroplets of oils could collect on your pet’s fur. This exposure could lead to dermal absorption or eventual ingestion once your pet grooms or licks itself.

Why do cats love lavender?

Lavender. Many cats are attracted to the sweet, soothing smell of lavender. Much like their human counterparts, the scent of lavender can induce feelings of relaxation. Some might even show their approval by rubbing against plants or sitting nearby them.

Is lavender or chamomile toxic to cats?

Essential oils safe for cats include: Frankincense. Lavender oil. Chamomile.

Can I burn a lavender candle around cats?

Hi there, I’m Dr. Whitty and I’m here to assist you today. Lavender is toxic to cats, including lavender essential oils. I would avoid lighting a lavender scented candle around cats if at all possible.