is epipremnum toxic to cats

How Poisonous Is Pothos To Cats?

Your cat won’t be significantly affected by walking past, smelling, or rubbing up against the pothos plant because its surface isn’t poisonous to cats.

However, after your cat has consumed some of the plant, a hazardous reaction will happen. They find this plant poisonous, and it only takes a few minutes for a reaction to happen. For this reason, it’s critical that you take your cat to the vet as soon as possible.

Pothos poisoning can be fatal in a few days, if not less, if treatment is not received. Regretfully, it might require several days for your veterinarian to get your cat back on track and out of danger.

How To Keep Cats Away From Pothos Plants

is epipremnum toxic to cats

Because they are inquisitive animals, cats frequently overlook indicators that a plant, like pothos, isn’t suitable for feeding. A few nibbles are all it takes for your cat to get quite ill.

Hence, you need to think of strategies to prevent your cat from getting near a pothos plant. The best course of action is to completely remove the plant from your house or property. If you don’t have this option, you can try some other approaches.

If your cat can’t reach the plant, think about moving it higher up. This could be difficult as well because cats like to jump and climb things to get to high places. But perhaps there’s a place that you know your cat can’t get to.

Additionally, you can use cat repellent sprays on pothos plants without risk. Your cat won’t be tempted to taste the plant because of the spray’s scent, which will encourage them to avoid the area.

Why Pothos Plants Are Dangerous To Cats

There are crystals of calcium oxalate found in the stems and leaves of the pothos plant. Some of the plants contain minerals that can be harmful to cats if they eat them.

Calcium oxalate crystals will enter the soft tissues of the cat’s mouth, stomach, and throat after they have passed through the digestive system. Which often leads to developing breathing issues.

Although not technically classified as a poisonous plant, pothos can pose a serious risk to cats.