is heat painful for cats

She will try hard to find a male cat, and male cats will be equally keen to reach her. Unlike dogs, it’s very unusual to see a cat bleed when she is on heat. Being on heat isn’t painful but it can make your cat feel a little unsettled, uncomfortable, and ‘under the weather’.

How to tell if your cat is in heat

Although the duration of a cat’s heat cycle varies, it typically lasts six to seven days. The heat cycle rarely lasts more than a few days if the cat is bred or mated during the season. But if the cat doesn’t mate, the heat cycle can continue for up to 10 days and then repeat every two to three weeks. During the season, unbred female cats may come into heat (cycle) every few weeks for an indefinite amount of time.

Seasonally polyestrous, or going into heat according to the season, describes cats. During each breeding season, they go through multiple cycles that are determined by temperature and daylight. In the United Kingdom, the mating season for cats typically begins in the early spring and lasts until the end of autumn. However, cats that reside in warmer regions or indoor cats occasionally have the potential to mate year-round.

Signs of Heat in Cats

A female cat in heat will exhibit a number of distinct behavioral and physical symptoms. Although it is uncommon to see bleeding during heat, a tiny amount of mucus-like discharge may occur. When a cat is in heat, they most likely display the following symptoms:

  • Howling or crying out
  • Showing more affection than usual
  • Pacing or restlessness
  • Licking genital area
  • Decrease appetite
  • Trying to escape (to find a mate)
  • Spraying urine
  • Assuming a mating position, called lordosis

These kinds of symptoms could indicate that your cat is in pain or uncomfortable. But the idea behind these actions is to draw the interest of an unneutered male cat so she can conceive. It could result in a false pregnancy if your cat mates but doesn’t become pregnant. She might display pregnancy symptoms for a short while before returning to estrus approximately six weeks later. Your cat will go through an infertile phase known as interestrus, which lasts for two to 19 days, if she does not mate with a male during estrus. After that, the cycle repeats.

Preventing pregnancy for a cat in heat

Since cats are most fertile during their heat cycle, it’s likely that your feline friend will be searching for a partner at this time. Additionally, because of her scent, male cats will seek her out, so it’s critical to keep any cat flaps closed and, whenever feasible, keep doors closed.

It’s a good idea to consider neutering your cat as soon as possible, unless you’re certain that you want to breed her to produce kittens.


Do cats feel pain when in heat?

Another question lots of feline owners ask is “does a cat in heat feel pain?” Though cats may seem uncomfortable and irritated while they’re in heat, it isn’t usually painful; if you think your cat is in pain, it may be an idea to have them checked out by your vet.

What does a cat in heat feel like?

The main thing a cat in heat feels is frustration. Every instinct and hormone is telling her to find a male, so she might be frantic and even aggressive. Cats in heat aren’t painful, although the calling sound they make sounds like they’re in pain, they’re just trying to attract a male.

Is being in heat stressful for cats?

Being in heat is not typically painful for cats, although they may feel some discomfort or agitation. When your cat in heat makes a loud, howling sound, you may assume they’re in pain. But rest assured, the increased vocalization (known as “caterwauling”) is just your cat’s way of attracting a potential suitor.