is it bad to shave your cat

How to Safely Trim or Shave Your Cat?

is it bad to shave your cat

Trimming or shaving cats is not a simple matter. First of all, cats hardly ever lie still long enough for you to shave or cut their hair. Certain cats might even turn hostile if you try to groom them.

Second, an untrained individual can easily inadvertently cut or tear a cat’s extremely thin skin.

Because clipper blades are so sharp and heat up when in use, the skin may burn or the cat may get severe razor burns. While professional cat groomers may use scissors to trim around a cat’s head and face, they should never be used to trim large portions of a cat’s body.

Please don’t try to shave your cat by yourself for their own safety. If you want your cat to be de-matted, shaved, or trimmed, you should always take them to a professional groomer or veterinarian.

To prevent your cat from getting matted again, your groomer can provide you with advice on a grooming schedule.

How To Remove Mats?

is it bad to shave your cat

The hair of a cat may become tangled if it is not brushed on a regular basis. Over time, the tangles tighten and form mats. Persians and other longhaired cats require regular brushing or combing to avoid matting. In addition to being unsightly, matting hurt cats.

As the hair tightens, it pulls on the skin. Cats may eventually get sores under mats that could become infected.

It is imperative to thoroughly brush or comb the hair down to the skin. Too frequently, cat owners neglect to brush the guard hairs, which are the top layer of hair, leaving mats in the undercoat. Focus on one section of the cat’s coat at a time when brushing them properly.

Brush gently in the same direction as your hair grows until there are no more tangles to see or feel. Go on to the next area after brushing and smoothing the previous one.

Remember to brush the underarms, under the belly, and the front and back of the legs. For cats with thick coats, you might need to gradually lift the hair to reveal the skin. Long-haired or thick-coated cats may require combing in addition to brushing.

You can attempt to get rid of any tiny mats your cat may have by yourself. Gently untangle and separate the hair a little at a time until the mat disappears using a brush, comb, or even your fingers. Don’t be surprised if your cat protests this process.

Dematting is uncomfortable. When trying to work out the mat, you will unavoidably pull on the cat’s hair and skin, no matter how careful you are. Go slowly and take frequent breaks if necessary.

Usually, large mats or extremely tightly matted fur need to be shaved out with clippers or cut out with scissors. It is more humane to give a cat a full shave down if it is completely matted. Do NOT attempt to cut or shave mats yourself.

A cat’s skin is extremely thin and delicate. Many cat owners have ended up in the emergency clinic after inadvertently cutting their cat’s skin while trying to groom them at home. Large mats should only be maintained by a veterinarian or professional groomer.

Reasons To Trim a Cat’s Coat

For a variety of reasons, cat owners might choose to shave their felines. Let’s examine each of them:

  • Matting: The only real way to deal with a cat whose long coat is matted to the skin is to shave them. Occasionally, overweight or elderly cats may find it difficult to groom themselves. In other cases, pet owners might find it difficult to brush their pets often enough to avoid matting. Keeping a cat’s hair short might help if it is a frequent matting habit.
  • Hairballs: Shaving your cat may help if they get hairballs frequently or severely. The less hair a cat has on it, the less hair it will get into its digestive system, where it can cause major problems.
  • Skin issues or parasites: Shaving your cat can help you detect the reemergence of fleas if your infestation is severe. Shaving a cat can help make medicated baths or topical medications more effective and easier to give if your cat has to treat mites, ringworm, infections, or other skin conditions.
  • Shedding: To reduce the amount of hair that ends up on their clothes and furniture, some cat owners who are tired of their cats shedding hair everywhere around the house may want to shave their pets. Frequent brushing can also cut down on shedding hair. While cutting your cat’s hair short might not completely stop shedding, it may help to lessen it.